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FAQ for Accommodation section


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Welcome to the Accommodation Section!


You are welcome to discuss where to stay in Thailand whatever you call home, be it a hotel room, a condo or a house. If you?ve a report to file about your experiences as a hotel guest, a renter or the owner of a property in Thailand then we?d love to read about it here.


You may ask for recommendations about where to stay but we suggest that you use the search function first as there is a lot of good information about hotels, serviced apartments and condos that?s already been written here.


This forum also gets a fair amount of discussion about how ?Guest Friendly? the various hotels are. This is important information if you intend returning with a new friend late at night. We also encourage you to share you experiences about how you and your guests are treated so that others may benefit as you have.


The members area of Nana Plaza also has a newly implemented and growing hotel rating system that may give you some good ideas about where to stay.


What?s not allowed? Well Nana Plaza is generally against identifying individuals so we?d better stick with that. Also if you have a hotel or travel website and want to give it an advertising plug then you?d better speak to the board owner Khun Sanuk about buying a banner spot here.


URL?s are allowed if they form a natural part of your message and don?t breach the ?No Free Advertising? rule as mentioned above.


Discussion about accommodation in other countries is allowed but as this is a Thailand message board we?d appreciate it if you would try and confine yourselves to matters Thailand.


The regular rules, found here still apply.


Any questions or comments? Don't hesitate to send a message to the forum Moderator.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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