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Disturbing Phnom Pehn "Slave" Brothel Report-


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Guest lazyphil

i liked cambo alot, much friendlier than los in many ways and yes they speak better english, its a humbling place when they act so nice towards us tourists keeping in mind the horrors they went through, i dont see underage as a rampant thing (i did see a few under 15, sorry if some refuse to accept this or even care)....i liked it there, has a different feel to it than los.

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lazyphil said:

i dont see underage as a rampant thing (i did see a few under 15, sorry if some refuse to accept this or even care)....i liked it there, has a different feel to it than los.


In the places I visited last year (listed in regional forum) I have not seen any *underage looking* girl and the girls I contacted :) seemed to be freelancers who decided by themself where and when to work and with whom to stay. But indentured and underage prostitution seem to have many faces and except the young look there might be no proof on first sight if the girl is doing her job by her own will or if she is bound by a contract and held in a form of slavery.


We even have this problem in Germany with forced prostitution with girls from Eastern Europe. Recently a famous talk master/conservative politician :o was caught having a (drug)party with prostitutes in a luxury hotel in Berlin. The women came from a escort service and some had to work against their own will but where bound to a pimp (no passport, e.g.).


IMHO the lack of accurate information is a very big problem currently. Whilst some NGO's completely overstate the facts concerning under aged and forced prostitution this problem is completely played down by other interested groups - especially hardcore punters on another board, who even deny the existence of slavery and pedophilia in Cambo. It seems that all reports are completely biased


In the last two years I have not read any account which gave any number or estimate or valid description of the current situation in Cambodia. Since Cambo is much more *Wild West* compared to Thailand and much more lawless and corrupt than it's neighboring countries (according to WTO last autumn) it would be against any common sense if all bad and ugly forms of prostitution won't exist in strong numbers in Cambo. But for a common tourist like me it is not as visible as it might have been in the 1990s or even two years ago, especially since the most famous place KM11 was shut down last year.


And of course there might be a big difference in the markets catering for local punters and for foreign punters not from SE-Asia. Almost probably the local market is much larger than the market for foreign tourists which concentrates on only 20-30 places in PP and some places in Sianoukville and Siem Reap. But this extremely small part of the market made the headlines in the recent years. I don't think that the fundamentlist, christian Western NGO's and the Western media are really interested in the dirty brothels in Poipet frequented by Thai and Khmer....


Anyway I presume that anybody who is looking for the terrible side of postittion in Cambodia will find it.... But this might not be very different from Thailand.

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