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Stickman's column this week...

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Just the other week I was out at Ramkhaemhaeng and spotted a girl I recognised as a freelancer from Thermae. She had worked there for many years and she was there doing the shopping early on a Sunday morning with what must have been her boyfriend until I spotted that they both had rings on their fingers, indicating that they were married. So I guess #33 is now probably married off with a farang as is what seems to happen to most of the girls, eventually.



Addendum 31 January: Since putting this week's column online, I have since been informed that Miss #33 is still employed at the Dollhouse though these days she has a different number.





I realize I'm late to the party, and perhaps the air is out of this tire, but I looked at the centerpiece of the laziness comment (above) and wonder, was Stick really saying he saw a random girl formerly from the scene and concluded precious 33 must have met a similar fate, or was he saying he saw 33 (or thought he did) and reached that conclusion? I guess we could speculate on that, but perhaps Stick can clarify that if he wishes to.


I do give him credit for inserting a correction, as well as (perhaps accidentally) being right about her marital history.


All acrimony aside, Stick does reach alot of people, and to that extent, fosters an interesting dialogue for those with dissimilar experiences. I like the point of 100 people seeing an event and many, if not most, relating it differently. Isn't that the beauty of freedom of expression?


I don't know Stick, never met him, and don't always agree with him, but I do appreciate his dedication, and belive he has opened up an important dialogue for many of us who try hard to keep some connection to this profound place at the heart of the kingdom.

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