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Hello !


Im Jimbo, 34 and currently living in Taiwan. Originally from Australia.


Was surprised to see how cheap return airfares are to Taiwan so have decided to go for a 7 day holiday from 7 to 14 December, before I start work here as an English teacher.


Cant wait to visit the LOS for my first time! This forum is great and I have enjoyed reading the 'trip report' section..!


Hope to get to know you guys over the next few weeks. Cheers! :)

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:grin: Not from Adelaide, the 'city of churches' :p


Originally from rural NSW, but recently lived in Brisbane. Have been in Taiwan for a while and came here with the plan to teach English.


Although the more I read about Thailand.. The more tempted I am to relocate there..


Somebody please slap me.. hard..!


Im the type of idiot that would fall in love with the first BG that looks his way, and end up a very large stain on the footpath outside the cheapest condo in Bangkok :smirk:


Seriously though - am really excited about my first trip to the land of (vertical) smiles ;)

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Hello trend setters!

Somtum here, actually I don't eat the crap but thats my problem, well, a couple of old hands have lured me onto this board so lets see if I'm going to fit in. I'm living in Aus but travel to Thai with some regularity ....I have lotsa friends in Thai both Farang and Thai....male and female, hope to get work there in about 18 months but thats another story. I have to say, as I read through and skimmed some of the numerus "peals of wisdom," some of the old and bolds actually know what they are talking about in terms of offering some quality advise to the "uninitiated of us" this warms the cockles of my heart as I for one hate to see newbies to the kingdom get slaughtered by a 20 year old with a big smile and her little sister's dress on. Well taem thats about it for my first post as I don't want to baffle everyone with my bullshit and day one! So, good to be here and talk to you all soon, P.S. Canâ??t help myself so here is a tid bit of Thai culture for the unaware, other people refer to you as a Khun or a Than or a Pee so if you sign a document as a khun when referring to yourself, this as seen as a sign of poor manners amongst the Thais, however amongst us dirty Farangs.....who cares!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:


Here todayâ?¦gone tomorrow ,so donâ??t waste time that you know is short!


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K. Somtum,

Welcome back, it's been a while.. :beer:


Pearls of wisdom....Hmmmm. if I know you at all, your Pearl of Wisdom, would have been your last sentence....


Me, not into "Wisdom", prefer "Necklaces" actually :grinyes::grinyes::grinyes:


Look forward to your future inputs.....and some more of our "infamous" Bkk rages.


Cheers DS

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