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I think this section is a good idea. Safe?


I hate the flamming that goes on but there are some

very funny guys on this board and if it was moderated to

much it could take the fun out of it.


I have been lurking for years on this and another board

about Pattaya.Getting a lot of valuable info for my trips.


I have been going to the LOS for the last 3 years.

The time between trips is getting shorter and the length of stay slowy increasing.


I have friends and family in England but i have spent my last two Christmas in Thailand.


My name is STFC and i am an an addict.


I live like a pauper and a monk in England,

saving every penny.


I only go out once a week,i have stopped smoking and

drinking.I avoid expensive meals out with friends and family. I ride a bike to work and fiddle my expenses to gain a few more pounds i can convert into Baht.


My last trips where in Nov02, May03,Sept03,Dec03,Mar04,June04,Dec04.


I spend about £3k per trip, i have spent £18K in two years.


I am due to go back on the 17 March 05.


Last time i went with 11 new girls plus my one regular BKK and my two regular Pattaya friends.


The places i can go have become limited.


I have always enjoyed the company of young women.


Women not girls.


My tastes have not changed has my body becomes older and decays.


I found myself thinking about barmaids and shopgirls young enough to be my daughters.

While i slept with friends and drunken house wives old enough to have been to school with.


So i went to the LOS.


I stay at the Landmark and the Nana at the same time.


I work for three days in BKK. I have breakfast at the Nana and walk to the Landmark change into a suit and a car collects me to take me to MBK.


Then i go to Pattaya or Phuket.


I like the routine and the danger.


The thrill of finding the new girls and the comfort of my regulars.

The emails and texts, the stories, the tantrums,the lies and deceits.


I can't wait to return.



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heartily welcome , what you say sounds good. Although I don't like the piece with the bycicle, most of us here drive stretchlimos .


Sometimes I stay at the Landmark for the purpose of ethnographical studies for a day or two and they have a nice breakfast. I did not figure what you mean with staying at the Nana and to change into a suit only to be picked up from the Landmark. I hope you have no reasonable explanation for this kind of strange behaviour. Second, what do you do at MBK in a suit ? Not that it matters.


Spending 3K ( Sterling ) on 1 trip makes you a valuable member of this board of fine gentlemen, could you possibly deposit 20.000 baht at gullivers for refreshment of exhausted nanaplaza.com - punters ?


Good luck , or should I say Good Lick ?




Definitely impressed

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<<My tastes have not changed has my body becomes older and decays.>>


Ahh - it's my soul decaying I worry about!


Welcome aboard and post some more.


Landmark have put up their prices this year, so why not stay in one hotel and use a short time for the fun events.


Can quite understand you may not want to take a girl back to a particular hotel.



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Hello again from STFC,


I'am back from the LOS and in to the old routine.


I'am trying to get the time to write a trip report.


I have nothing new to say but other peoples reports have helped me on my travels to i will return the favour.


The truth is although i have some close friends that are eager to here my drunken stories they don't understand, they haven't been there,so this is also a chance to confess my sins and ask peoples advise.


Thank you for your comments on my introduction.


I have posted some stories in responce to questions asked this week so i will repeat them here and use this thread as my area so i can add to them to them while i wait at work for the phone to ring.





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I will post some of my last trip stories here

to keep everything to together.


I was at Annies last friday.


I can't get into the review section so i will post one here

please feel free to move it.


I always use the short cut threw the Raja carpark.


Up the stairs to the bar order a Coke and sit down in front of

the fish bowl.


Not a bad selection. Mid afternoon.


Bargirl standard not Go Go, a few V.old, one enormous,

mostly plump mid 20's all look happy.

Good atmosphere, not to embrassing starring at them.


I tell the mamassan what number i want and buy the lady

a drink.I pay 1500bht plus 100 bht for the drinks.


She is called [sorry, no naming names on this board - KS] but is an old hand at this game,

OK english, nice face big tits and arse,flat stomache.


We have a great time,soak in the bath,good scrub,a lot of attention to the private parts.

Body to body on the matt, tit wank.


The usual routine but done with a jolly smilling cheerful

manner very relaxing.


Washed and dried then to the bed.


An oil massage offered and accepted.

Very strong hands, this girl is a hard worker.

I was relaxed now i am being assulted on all fronts;fingers, feet, neck,back and my arse.

I am not averse to a fingering but i like to be asked.

I think my screams upset her because she fliped me over and gave me a high speed oil wank.

I thought of England but i don't even no whose in the team so i had to stop her.


She gave me a quick wipe down with an oily wrag.

Then plunged in head first.

This is not the first time she had done this.

I'am not small,

I'am fat all over so very few people have managed to make

me disappear, this was worth the money on its own.

I can only think this lady didn't want to be fucked.


I sat back and thought what the hell there are worst things in life than comming down a girls throat.


It was the nosie that put me off it sounded like the hotel toilet.

She was breathing threw her nose and dribbling on my balls.


I decided to finish the circus act and she covered me up and started bouncing up and down.


The problem with some girls is that they are too experienced she was loose and knew it, after a short time she bent over i didn't understand,she forced me threw the back door and it

was all over pretty soon.


All the girls i have been with at Annies have been eager to please but this one had been better than most.


Youth or experience it is always a trade off.


I gave her a 200BHT tip and she seemed V.happy.


I walked the short but hot distance back to my hotel.

I could still feel that finger i wouldn't shit right for a week.



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My last trip started on the 17 March 05.


Thai Airways from LHR.

Stuck in the middle seat between an Irish chatty girl and a thai who didn't move the entire time.

Slept a watch the bad movies.

Food better than EVA air.


Very quick through customs,new form to fill in,luggage waiting for me no problems.


The madness of the airport;i used to que for the Taxi but now i take the Limo.Far right little booth,tell them your hotel they give you a price and a slip of paper,you pay the driver plus the tolls at the end.1'300 Bht after a 11 hour flight worth every penny.


I stay at the Nana in the suites.

Its a hotel,its a coffee shop, its a disco, its a brothel,its a freak show but its home.


You can stay in all types of rooms but they all smell,

they are all rundown, they all have something that doesn't work they have charm.


You can pretend to be friends with the sullen,lazy,ignorant,slow motion staff and get to the top floors but mer mortals like myself haven't got past the fourth floor.


Your room will either be in the

disco (not bad except if you are trying to get over jet lag or have the shits and dont want to sit on the bog listening to "hit me baby one more time"remixed by a Jamacian from Leeds.Its only doubles as a sub woofer from 9.00PM till 2.00AM and if you do get home early your friend will enjoy the vibrations)


The air conditioning (great view of all the pipes and the room opposite, i have seen some sights, that was the first time i ever saw a strapon in use, i could here him scream despite the constant drone of the machine)


The Carpark

My favourite especially the corner room over looking the Nana Enterance. I have sat there having my breakfast watching the chaos which is BKK,once i even spied a pretty

girl in the corner BAR, Big dogs i think and asked the porter/pimp/drug dealer 100 year old man that seems to do everything to asked her to come to my room.It was about four in the afternoon and i was recovering from a bout of Thai whisky and street food poisioning from the night before.

She relived me of my morning glory and went on her way.

I saw her latter from my window trying to describe to her

friends how fat and hairy the farlang was that had just come in her mouth.


Coronation street starts soon so i will stop now



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