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The Village Nymphomaniac-with pic

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Cent, tell your wife to be a lot more careful with your private parts. What a waiste feeding them to the ducks, eating them yourself is a lot more fun. Don't think I am a cannibal now. I am just a little bit touch with everybody thinking I was a guy. Glad that shit is over after showing up at Soi Cowboy.

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Hi Topcatta,

I'm still laughing after the night out following Gulliver's.

SD and I were discussing it last week.


When we were in Midnite (or was it Sheba's...stuffed if I can remember now) and the show started, I had flashbacks to "The Exorcist".......... I swear your head did a 360...LOL


Hope it didn't take too many visits to the Chiro to fix your neck after looking up at the glass floor for sooooooo long...hahaha !!


It was a great night, hope our paths cross again on some future visit.


To the doubting Thomas'...or Fred's or Charlies..........doubt no more this Lady is both 100% real....and great fun to go out "Hunting" with........even if she is "competition"...LOL...there's plenty to go round.


Cheers Dumsoda

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Dumsoda said:

I swear your head did a 360...LOL



Well, now you know why I am so decicated to Yoga! But I did have the opposite reaction of the throwing up part in the Exorcist. Instead I felt like licking it all in. At that moment under the window I wished I was a Chameleon who have these marvellous long tongues and I could reach the ceiling. God, that was wonderful to see those pussies drooling over that window. In the shows you sometimes get a glimpse here or there but women's goodies are mostly locked up, so this was wonderful.


I loved that night out with you guys. Great to be accepted for who I am instead of JUDGED as usual. Last nite I was in the ordinary sauna chatting up a guy from Surinam whom I had met there before and really clicked with but he didnt realized what a gem he could have had. Of course he tried to kiss me but when I told him NO he kept on trying. As a Scorpion he should have known you dont do that with Scorpio Ladies. That pissed me off so no chance on any adventure! That's what I really liked that night out at the Soi Cowboy. I felt completely relaxed, respected and accepted like one of the guys. I think that was more important to me than taking a TG home. Now you on the other hand, did not had to turn your head so much since you knew what was coming you took the best seat. As a guide and gentleman you should have given me your seat! But you did make up for it when you allowed me and my man to feel your girl up. You sure looked like you liked it too!


I am sure our paths will cross again!


And I dont know wether I am slow or laughing last. So dare me, my friend!

Love and Light, Topcatta

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