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Mystique is the spot!


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I have THREE bullshit detectors installed on my PC. Guess what? ALL THREE activated off the scale.

My question: is the BS intentional or a joke that just doesn't come off right? A bit both, I think.


But all joking aside, Club Mystique is good. It is the type of club that Bangkok needs more of. Perhaps not the best place to go looking for campanionship, but a good place to bring a companion or three.


Rumour has it that Club Mystique stays open a bit later than other places. I haven't been able to confirm yet.

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MisterBlonde said:

<< I was picking up Thai and farang ho's >>


Is 'ho' slang for whore? please forgive my unhipness.


'ho is hip slang for whore...but a ho fuck everybody, a bitch fucks everybody but you... so it can also be interchanged with slut or woman of easy virtue. Hope this helps...

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Nervous_Dog said:

I was waiting for the invite, my hovel, which is 45 minutes away,


I thought there was going to be a limo pick up and bottels of $500 booze and cigars and stuff.


instead, nothing :(


OH well, at least I was getting laid at 2.40 in the morning :)






I was in Washington SQ with a bunch of cool cats and chicks...the country western was off the hook, the best I'v heard in BKK, since my man Dang quit working the cd player. The bitches and hos were hot for me, but I stayed cool, got a few numbers, might call, might not...saw an Indian chick near Emporium on the way home, chatted her up, and banged her, didn't need my Sheik friend, he'd get in that way o' mine, saw some mother fuckers near cowboy, most had no game, but didn't matter, they had cash... Oh yeah I went to RCA for a hot minute and was bored to death. I did the obligatory disco scene earlier and am done for this trip. Same ho's and same game there drank a 40 bhat bottle of Lao Khao, and smoked a 2 bhat stoggie, pulled a 200bht L/T ho off the wall of shame, and hit the room, no time to post shit on the net, was busy hangin' bangin' and free stylin' my way about...yo, word up, I'm out...

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Hey kid, welcome back, missed you the last few days! what happen? Mom catch you staying up late talking shit on the net and grounded you? Anyway dudlet, sorry to hear you had a bad scene with you old lady...maybe if you grovel enough she will take you back and let you smell it once in awhile...maybe even look at it. Don't sweat it kid, you will survive. Hey, Indian women, need a Sheik friend to close the deal? what? I don't want to hear that shit! get your game in gear and go man, you are JJ Mother fucking Sushi, king player, now get out there and make me proud kid!


So a young hip hop crowd...watch out, Michael Jackson got caught up this way...Seriously kid, don't think a Sheik friend can or will help you, they keep that stuff for themselves. Do what I do, hang at a Uni and pull the Indian babes! it does work! Good luck with the game kid, it does need improving, but you'll learn!

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Hugh_Hoy said:
jjsushi said:
MaiLuk said:

>>I was scooping up Thai and farang ho's left and right after a couple of potent Ice teas. Grabbed a couple of numbers and bounced @ 1:30. <<


>>I was there tonight<<


But your post hit the board at 14:23???


My apartment is 5 minutes away.



I have THREE bullshit detectors installed on my PC. Guess what? ALL THREE activated off the scale. :)


Hugh (mak)



Maybe u should install a 4th to check the other 3?


Don't hate Hugh just appreciate!!

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El_Tel said:
jjsushi said:Yes I wil say very hot Indian babes. Definitely not for sale. Hanging with some Indian dudes The Indians are very clique-ish in Thailand.


I hooked up with some cool farang chicks. I was suprised to see quite a few of them with African dudes.

Mmmm. Indian girls only with Indian guys and farang women with Africans.

Sounds like the UK. I'll pass thanks.


Sometimes u gotta go against the grain my boy! Thai, Indian, farang, it is all pussy is it not?

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>>>Is 'ho' slang for whore? please forgive my unhipness.<<<


Yes. JJ lives in NYC, and wants to be black, but he can't. And when he tells all the hookers at CM2, they can never believe him, so comes here, to try and make us believe. :D


But maybe with his 12 inch dick.......can be? Maybe?


555555555...Just kidding JJ. I'm just having fun...don't get pissed off. :p




I know u r just having fun, so I can't be angry. If we can't have fun what is the point?


I do have a 12in penis by the way , don't believe send a gurl u trust to check it out! Satisfaction guaranteed!

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