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Too Many Ducks in Thailand!!

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Too Many Ducks in Thailand!!!


I don't know about you guys from the rest of the world, but over here in the states most women seem to think farts are gross. I don't know why this is, it just is! As George Carlin, the great America comedian, said on one of his albums, "Farts are funny!" I tend to agree with George on this, but most women here in the U.S. don't.

So! Women here in the states have tried to outlaw farting in their presence, not through the legislature, but by bitching, moaning, hitting, cursing and just outright, plain, pure ass mean-ness directed towards the poor "fart-ee", or is that "fart-er"? Ostracization also can be brought into the mixture of punishments meted out for your sweet smelling transgressions! "Go sleep with the God Damned dog if you're gonna do that!" being an oft heard, late night bitch from an American lass.

This has led to the brain-washing of a lot of American males, who now try to hide their farts, by blaming poor Fido the dog, instead of being proud of their toot, and laying claim to the better ones at least! Scandalous I know! But true! Now one has to leave the room or, if the room is crowded, try and sneak one out as silently as one can by raising the cheek of ones arse a bit and "re-directing" the flow of the fart away from the girlfriend or wife, and hope she believes it was the guy in front or behind yourself, as you look towards some imaginary other offender. Otherwise she'll give you a look of utter contempt, and mutter scornfully, "You PIG!"

You do know of course that American women DON'T FART!!!! American women really aren't big fatso's, they're just all puffed up from the accumulated natural gas deposits they've been holding in all their lives!! AND NOW They're turning the U.S. male into a bunch of lying farters!!!! Blaming all and sundry instead of proudly proclaiming their wonderful earth-shaking explosions of flatulence! Shame, oh the shame of it!! We've lost our balls! I remember back in the 1950's when a guy (not just kids either) was proud of his farts! Alas, this is no more. The past few decades have seen a sad decline in the stature of the U.S. male and the U.S. has become a fartless society. Sad indeed.

What's this have to do with anything you say?! Well, this is the reason I asked my Thai lass to marry me!!!!! (Joking darling!) Let me explain. You know how, the first few months or year that you are seeing a lass, how you try not to fart in her presence right? It just isn't done during the first tri-mester of courting, if it can be helped. It can, at times, put a serious damper on an intimate moment! Well, in the states I mean anyway, and being a brain-washed American male I've always tried to follow this un-written Yank law while in other countries, including Thailand.

So, there I was one day, after having been with my lady about a year and a half, walking down the street in Pattaya, when we came upon a guy with some ducks hanging by their necks, all golden brown, and cooked to perfection. Yummy I says!

"Let's get a couple of ducks and bring them back to the condo to eat later on." I suggest to my lass. Well she just wrinkles up what little nose she has at this suggestion, and with a look of disgust proclaims, "Me no like duck! Duck hom mi dee! Smell no good!" Hmmmmm!!!

This is the only thing, besides beef, I'd found in all that time that the lass wouldn't stuff into her pretty face! "Me no like duck!" she said again, and pulled me on down the street, leaving the delicious looking fowl behind.

Later on, during a later trip over, we were in the hotel room in Majestic Suites Hotel in Bangkok watching TV after just returning from Woodstock Bar and Restaurant where I'd stuffed myself with the beef burritos and nachos. I felt a bit of rumbling in my belly and got off the bed to go to the hong nam to......errrrr.....relieve the pressure as it were. All of a sudden, with no real warning, I let rip, quite by accident, with a wall shattering fahhht!!!! Quuuuuaaaaaccckkk!! Whoops! I looked at her, smiled, and did my best Rodney Dangerfield imitation. You know, the scene from the movie "Caddy Shack" (I think it was "Caddy Shack") where Rodney cuts one while at a posh party and, looking around with his googly eyes and upturned palms exclaims, "What! Did someone step on a duck or something!"

"Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!" she cries covering her nose, and starts laughing herself silly! "She....she.......she's laughing!" I thought to myself in utter surprise. Then, when the smell finally hits me I exclaim, "Wow! Smells like a duck too!" while waving my arms about. This strikes her as even funnier and, getting a whiff of this herself, in between gales of laughter, she agrees, laughing uproariously and saying, "Smells like duck too!" Hahahahahahahahehehehehehehahaha!!!

Well, seeing as she thought that one so funny, I let rip another wall paper peeling "Quuuuuuaaaaacccccckkkk!" and exclaimed, "Hey! There must be TWO ducks in here!" Which had her rolling on the bed in tears and holding her sides and cracking (or quacking) her own joke, yelling, "TOO MANY DUCKS IN THAILAND!!!!! ME NO LIKE DUCKS!!!!, and laughing so hard I thought she would hurt herself! We both started giggling and laughing to beat the band. Actually you could say we, "Quacked up!" You could, I won't!

I was stunned and amazed! A woman who thinks farts are funny!!! At that moment I knew I was in love! Utterly and hopelessly in love with the lass and I asked her to marry me the next night!

So from now on here is fair warning! If you hear my lady say something about "Too many ducks in Thailand!!"..... clear the room! Because once again I can be proud of my farts and will loudly proclaim and claim mine with glee, chortling and chuckling and revelling in its "hang time" and duck-ly aroma!

Farts are funny!!!!! I knew it all along!!!

Later you little stinkers,



p.s. Do you smell something?


Copyright © 2000. Author Michael P. Seaberg. All rights reserved.

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