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Strange Cum Rituals


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Cum in Thailand


So many girls say they will give good head. So many don't deliver. But my friend Nok, who I met early on in my 15 week trip, is one who prides herself in being a good, no, a GREAT prostitute. She carries pleasing to the extreme. It is a personal ethic with her and if she didn't have it, she wouldn't enjoy her work. Remember sanuk? Part of everything in Thailand.

So she is into giving whatever the man wants if she likes him. And she liked me. She got really involved in the giving me head and worked herself up along with me. When I moved (just a little bit!), like I didn't like something (she has sharp teeth) she got way too upset and stormed into the bathroom. I was perplexed! She ranted in bad English. "I have feeling too," she said several times. "I don't think you (will) finish." (Cum) "When man finish, I finish." She's not lying - if I'm not going to be satisfied she is going be hurt, disappointed, frustrated and pissed. She calmed down. Thankfully I got off in her mouth. When I did she jumped up and danced all over the bed. She actually did the naked boogie all over the bed, ecstatic! "Oh I feel good!" she beamed. "Yes! I feel good! I feel GOOD!"



Nid haunts the beach in Pattaya. She has a great, a wonderful smile, and a big, shapely ass. She was wearing tight, white pants when I saw her bending over talking to a farang. I hadn't seen anything like it since leaving my largely black hometown. I assumed he was her boyfriend, but I was overcome and walked over anyway. "Can you believe THAT!" I said, admiring her backside. Of course, no one understood what I was talking about. She turned and hit me with that smile! "Where you go?" "Out to dinner." "I go with you!?" "Okay." The smile.

Nid smokes and smokes and smokes. She is not squeamish about cum, in fact she is strange about it. Although I was getting great head, she wouldn't let me cum in her mouth. She had a different agenda. Every time I came, she would take it all over her face. The she would carefully spread it around as a facial. She smiled happily, "Veetameen!" That was fine, weird, but fine. Happy to say, she washed it off after about fifteen minutes.



Om is the sweetest, most reserved little sweetheart in Thailand. She is shy. She won't dance. She keeps the towel on a long time. She looks like a bookworm, a church lady, a librarian for God's sake! "You don't smoke?" I told her when I met her. "I can," she said shyly. Can! Shit!! It is unbelievable: (1) She gives incredibly good head, made just that much better by the knock out surprise factor. (2) She is a cum guzzler. After we were together a few times, she gave reviews, "Wanee mai arroi." (Today don't taste good.) (3) When I don't cum in her mouth, I usually come on my stomach as she sucks away somewhere down below. When I am finished, she slides up to my stomach and licks up the cum! Takes her time, enjoys it. fnI mean Wow! Strange, but good. Strange but really GOOD!


Om tells me about her friends. One day a few of the girls were sitting around chatting about swallowing cum. A young one, not so pretty, said, "I no drink water. Cannot!" An old, old woman of 42 (!), still a real beauty, knowing she looks fantastic for her age, proclaimed, "Swallow water! Like! Good for me!" They all agreed. What a role model!


Do I just have crazy good luck, or are there more stories out there?


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