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Excerpt-TF's latest "One Night in Foodland" 4/19


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I love sitting down and watching the carnival of lost souls wonder in and out.


Yes, quite entertaining - and free - the watching that is.


Something soothing and intrinsic about just sitting and watching humanity.


Some of my best images of LOS are memories of just sitting at the Nana/Golden Beer Bar during the day and viewing the street/sidewalk activity. With not a worry in the world . . .

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Way back on one of my first extended trips I was in Foodland Pattaya checking out the range of goods on sale when I spied a rather cute thai girl in jeans and a shirt,checking out the spirits area.Later,I saw her and a friend at Took li dee eating across from me

Less than a week later I was in Dollhouse and there she was dancing on stage ,a smile and she was down with me,and remembered me from my many glances at Foodland.Spent a few days with her and found out she had a long term Belgian boyfriend and moved on.

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