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50% of gogo girls HIV?


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I recall seeing a notice in the toilet in a Pattaya gogo bar (Carousel I think) a few years back saying that girls are tested for HIV for your safety. And we're supposed to take life or death decisions based on notices in toilets? I'm sure this belief that gogo girls are safer lulls some men into a false sense of security that they might regret.

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"I have heard of health cards, and books...have never actually seen one...saw a piece of paper once that was supposed to be from a doctor, but that is it...like anything else, a few bhat can correct any potential problems I would think. "



Believe it or not, one bar girl I knew, gave me her book when we were living together. Nothing special to look at. She considered it about as important as her ID card.

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I remember when the falang doctor started doing them first in Nana in the late 80s-early 90s. Had all kinds of trouble over it...can't practice medicine as he wasn't Thai and things like that.


This doctor used to fight with Trink whenever they ran into each other. Not physical but it used to get loud....anyone who remembers Trink's comments about AIDs knows why.


I remember Thai girls in the late 80s being told nothing more than that they had "bad blood".


Nobody I've asked has ever seemed to know for sure if the health cards- kind of like a booklet- are a government thing or a clinic. Most I have seen are like a little brown booklet of a few pages. The results in most are either handwritten with a date stamp or stamped in red "not found".


What have other people seen?


Anyone know if there is a national or government standard?


Given recent threads I want to know ASAP...

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I know that in Happy and Peppermint in Pattaya the girls are required by owners to have a check every month. Maybe farang owners are a little more savvy about such things.


You can ask to see a girl's health book any time.


However, the girls go to the doctor by themselves, so maybe there are some unscrupulous docs in clinics in Pattaya who would stamp the girl as "clean" if a few baht was waved around in the right direction.


The books are kept in the open at Peppermint. I'm trying to work out how to describe where...


Ok. If you are sitting on the edge of the main dancing stage facing the entrance and your back to the small bar and the toilets you can see them sitting in a box against the wall. (The wall that forms the back of the main stage).


How "honest and kosher" the information contained within really is, is another matter completely I guess.



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My guess is it's much lower than 50%, but certainly much higher than 1%. there's really no way to know.


As for testing: some bars really do require it, though it is up in the air as to how rigorous even those ones are. Many freelancers get themselves tested for both HIV and STDs on a fairly rigid schedule, but of course many do not, "out of sight out of mind" is their philosophy often.


And remember that these women are at risk for HIV from sources other than unprotected sex (with farangs or thai boyfriends) as well; my first girlfriend in Thailand was apparently HIV+ the whole time I was with her (having unprotected sex, too), since about one year after we broke up she came down with AIDS. I'm pretty sure she got it from intravenous drug use (which she admits to) about 5 years before we met.


I was lucky; I tested negative long after our last enounter (3 years ago now).



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