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50% of gogo girls HIV?


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The fact that the proposed study was not carried out in sex workers, would suggest that the rates are low.
Thanks - you saved me alot of work explaining the details behind this point.
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elef said:

Hi OH,


as long as we customers don't ask for testings - and pay for it in the end - we will not get it. As long as we're thinking with the cock instead of the brain we don't care. The chance is so small - the risk for getting HIV from a HIV+ girl is maybe 1:1000. If you're unlucky you can get it the first time - if you're lucky you can fuck around without condom all your life without getting it.




It is much harder (though by no means impossible) for a guy to get HIV from a gal than it is the other way around. However, I would always advocate the use of a rubber every time. Why take the chance for a fuck ?

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The only solid information I have is that I have been around for about 8 years and know quite a few of the workers in the Plaza. I only know of about 8 - 10 that have died of Aids. Two of them were from needles.


It takes up to ten years before an HIV + BG will convert to AIDS. No symptoms during that ten years.


The fact that you personally know "only" 8 to 10 girls who died from AIDS at the plaza may actually indicate a higher rate of infection.


Some things to consider IMO (not at you TC):


If a girl arrives at the plaza and immediately acquires HIV, no one at the plaza will ever know this because she will be long gone before the ten year incubation is up. How many girls do you know that stay for ten years? The fact is 100% of the girls at NP could be HIV+ and you simply would not have any idea. The point being that the lack of girls dropping dead from AIDS really indicates nothing about the rate of HIV infection.


Another thing to consider is that alot of the girls will go without a condom for an extra amount of baht. One should browse the asian porn sites if you have any doubts about this. One HIV+ punter on a thirty day holiday with some extra baht who dislikes condoms and shags 30 or 40 or 50 girls has singlehandedly increased the rate of HIV infection among farang sex workers.


There are a million punters arriving LOS every year. If less than one tenth of one percent insist on no condoms, and one tenth of one percent of those are HIV+ (which is a conservative estimate; they don't wear condoms after all), then you end up with a very high rate of infection among the girls.


Finally and again IMO only, every active punter has slept with hiv+ girls, probably dozens or more HIV+ girls. And they (you) survived :: so why fucking worry. The chance of a condom covered monger getting HIV is very very low. Even an uncovered monger has little chance but of course is playing a dangerous game. Unfortunately for the girls they are the ones at high risk of getting hiv from the uncovered farang.


So there is a decent rate of HIV infection out there in the scene. So what? Small chance of you getting it. I won't lose sleep. Living dying its all the same anyway. And suppressing your sex drive is worse than death. Live like its the last day and go out with your nuts well fucking drained.

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I stand corrected, good to tee the govt has done something to help...I get the impression from the 1st article the work was aimed at "brothels" not bars. IE sexworkers who cater to Thai men and the Thai military. Good to read, but it makes no mention of STD/HIV etc rates in farang oriented bars, also no mention of the monthly STD tests, and the mythical book I reffered to (and TC says himself he hasn't heard of monthly testing at NEP).

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