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Stickman this week regarding violence .


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Bangkok is becoming more dangerous.....especially for thais it seems.


It is not medellin (though I stayed in this city safely for 2 weeks)

nor moscow........


The fact that stickman points that in his weekly column is normal,

after all he writes about what he wants as that is his website.....


If you do not agree with what he writes so stop reading it, calling him "stupid" because he expresses his opinion is non-sense.


In my case, I appreciate his website and it has proved useful for me when I was in Thailand for the first time, and it is still entertaining.


I just think that even if BKK is not the "punter safe paradise where everyone is cool and kind and helpful" this is not the worst place, by far, on earth.




I like thailand and thai people a lot (that is wht I plan to go working there)

Everything is not "perfect" (does perfection exists really?) yes but it is still far better than in my home country.......



my 2 satangs

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Stickman said:

The crime rate is increasing - the Thai police department statistics online show this.



There's two different kinds of violence: violence against property and violence against people.


Many people, me included, have been victims of the first kind of violence (muggings and the like), when travelling in third world countries. No big deal. One of the things that has always shocked me about foreigners' muggings in Rio is how relatively calm the vast majority of them are reported, without physical violence.


The second kind of violence, that makes the nightly news, (random violence against people such as shootings, assaults, rapes, and etc.) is the one which, according what you say, seems to be rising in Thailand. If it's true, it's worrying.








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Stickman said:

"Stickman surprises me--I thought he had a little more in the way of brains...maybe he just wasn't thinking."


It is a proven fact that I am stupid, I admit it, so with that aside and 'fessed, let me care to explain.


EVERYONE knows that there is violence and problems in every city in the world. In this particular article I listed a few particular cases where farangs have been victims because I wanted to make the point that farangs ARE victims of nasty crimes in Thailand. The crime rate is increasing - the Thai police department statistics online show this. (I would display the link but you're obviously bright enough to find it yourself).


And yes, I am stupid - so let's not debate it this time.




Instead of writing

Stickman said:

farangs ARE victims of nasty crimes in Thailand

you should have written
farangs are ALSO victims of nasty crimes in Thailand
IMO of course.



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I would emphasize the sentence "perhaps you werent' thinking" rather than the part about you perhaps not having a large enough brain (but i never went SO FAR as to call you "stupid"...oh god, I would only reserve that term for people like..........sorry, not allowed to mention names here). . Don't worry, it's all relative, and you're smarter than 99% of the people on this board and I have to say, love reading your weekly (and I greatly valued your long articles when I read them a few years ago....though I must say so many of your reader submissions are trash....though sometimes I skim over them for a LAUGH, as I'm sure you do).

One reason I said I was surprised is that you typically try to back up your sociological observations with some kind of data or quantitative estimates, which is the right general approach, especially if you try to assess the quality of the data and are critical of the quality (and in fact, i've previously noticed that your writing seems to be informed by some undergraduate training in sociology--perhaps you majored in it). But in this case you came to a conclusion based totally on your perceptions, and there probably little or no correlation between "perception" of crime trends over time and actual crime rates in bangkok.


the onlly "evidence" of an increased crime rate you mentioned in your article was events you just happen to hear about. There are no statistics showing a crime rate against foreigners increasing. I don't know if the rate has changed or not. Maybe it has decreased. Find the following numbers (too bad they don't exist): The number of foreigners over time . Now, try dividing the number of crimes against foreigners per year divided by the number of foreigners per year....... The probability of a foreigner being a victim per year probably changed (where probability is roughly equivalent to the above rate). So given that the above "exercise" isn't possible because we don't have the data, you can say you "feel" bangkok is more "dangerous" than before. OK. I don't feel it is though.

By the way, I'm a STUNNER. Anyone got a problem wit that?

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I agree with OH...please restrain your bad self and dont engage with him-could get ugly.If he knows what you look like well...down boy. I agree with you I am way too old for fighting unless its really important/serious and then one has to

put them down very hard and fast-the first strike.Ugh...

My martial arts days are decades past...

Chai yen yen :: :: :)

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:) Made me laugh. I think its good to point out to the visitors whats potentially up over here...

Seperate side note; I thought your article/interview about the

dating entrepeneur princess/pimp dressing herself out as a GTG was hysterical.(She had you the first interview...) TIT ha ha-I looked at her picture and said to myself -self: she is a working girl.Good on you though for the 2nd revelatory post.

Anyway back to topic...

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"Statistics are one thing, reality is something else."


Well said, Bangkok and Thailand in general (the south excluded) is a relatively safe place to go. you can walk around the streets of Bangkok without worrying you'll get mugged, or beaten unless of course you have "mark" tattooed on your forehead...I have traveled to many major US, EURO, and Asian cities and Bangkok ranks up there as on of the safes. Perhaps this was just a "slow news cycle" for stickman and he just needed something to post? :: I doono, but to quote some statistics and a few "stories" then conclude Bangkok is dangerous is silly. You'd be wiser to watch for crazy taxi drivers killing you than random violence in Thailand...


Song satang.

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