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How Much?


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I was in Bangkok with Teddy for a week at the end of July / beginning of this month and although I spent most of my time drinking and looking rather than partaking, when I did, I paid Baht 2,000 for all night. None (should I say neither) of the girls had a problem with this, however when discussing the subject with Teddy, it became apparent that he was paying Baht 3,000 for all night (Baht 6,000 when he had 2 girls). I've been paying Baht 2,000 for years, even when I used to live in Bangkok (I left 6 years ago, but come back 3 or 4 times a year) and am wondering whether I'm behind the times now and am underpaying the girls?

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There is no set pricing, but you are closer to what I pay than Teddy.


I only play in Bangkok and only at bars (no freelancers). I give B1K (B1500 sometimes, but rare) for ST and B1500 (B2K rarely) LT and B500 for service in a blowjob bar (AfterSkool, Wild Country, etc). No "taxi money" or other tip. They got several drinks before we left the bar, so that's their taxi money. No gal has even complained and all are very happy to see me whenever I show up in their bar. YMMV.


But feel comfortable with what you feel like paying. Living here, I probably get better prices becasue I am a repeat customer.




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I give them a different approach

both for freelancers and pro's

I tell them I pay anywhere between 500 and 3000, depending how good they are, how good they care of my needs.


that makes me usually pay 1500-2500 , the 3000 mark is hardly ever hit


this also gives me the possibility to send her out with 500bt if she is a starfish :)

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if you paid 2000 THB 6 and more years ago, then with all the deflation and devaluation of the Baht and the GDP increase and average salary increase in Thailand, you should pay her 3000 THB or more!

don't listen to Farang Khee Niaow's like Suadum! he spends too much on the booze and parties and then wants to save on the girls.

6-10 years ago i used to pay 300 THB per shot. nowadays i have increased the fee to a amazing 500 THB per shot (66.6% increase); this increase is not inflation driven but mainly due to the fact that nowadays i am too bored to shoot too many times a night!

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when i first visited Thailand in 2000 i stayed with a Girl for 7 Nights.

i had no idea of how things worked and she told me her price and i thought it was the going rate and paid it.


in Sept 2000 i went with a Girl S/T and gave her 2000 and when i paid the BF last May (4 1/2 Yeras later) for a L/T with the same Girl i again paid 2000 and she was happy.


not a veteran or that experienced in the ways of P4P after 6 visits but i have noticed that between my first and last visits the price has not changed much.

yes you do meet the Girls who try and extorte the extra out of you,but i have always found them far and few between and i soon walk away.


in fact during my last trip in May/June this Year i was paying much less than in 2000/2001.

but this visit did see me take BB Girls and Freelancers and i have always found that they are not too fussy about their 'fee'.

after all they need the money more and are grateful for what they can get.

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when I first visited in 2002, I went to patong for 7 days.


Freelancers from tiger club - 1000baht L/T

beerbars - 300 baht barfine + 500ST 1000L/T

Massage Parlors - 2500Baht + tip depending on service


Been back now 30+ times to thailand mainly BKK.


Freelancers - 1000baht - 1500 S/T

- 1500 - 2500 L/T


beerbars - 300 - 600 baht barfine ( except soi 33)+ 1000 - 1500S/T 2000 - 2500L/T


I usually tip the girls if the service is exceptional


Once had a cutie from the beergarden soi 7, had a S/T and gave here 2000 as we had a great time.

She said mr you give me toomuch ::


I said mai ben rai & sent her on her way.


Have also had girls from CM2 want as much as 6000 baht and then see them at the Nana Disco or carpark a few hrs later and charge you 2000 L/T :)


I also has a girl :: from CM2 want to be paid before we started to fuck. I said mai dee and I pay after .. she pissed me off, so I showed her the door.


Generally prices are more expensive in BKK than most other areas of Sanuk but who cares as the FX rate is about 35% better that when I first went in 2002.


when many girls recognise you are a regular visitor, they wont try and rip you off.

Have heard stories of 20000baht for L/T... I said good luck if you can get it :D



Take care

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First it is up to the girl (I am not talking about the MP scene)


If she wants to quote 8k LT she can.


Now the price quoted for the services depend on the girl and..the customer. (does he stink? handsome? nicely dressed? expat or tourist? etc......)


I know a long term expat who is never quoted a price below 2k bt

(probably because he is too well known and never bargains)


I know a tourist who pays an average 1k for LT......


In my case:

gogo scene: 1000-2000 LT (only paid once 2k)


beer bar: I used to pay 1000 LT but it was 2 years ago.


soi 33: 1000-3000, but I tend to pay 1k most of the time, as the "big price" is usually quoted by a newbie girl (newbie to the nightlife), 1k is for girls I tend to stay longer with.


gentlemen clubs: 1500-5000, I rarely pay 5k but it is a totally different scene.


freelancers: 1000-2500, 2500 is the maximum I paid.

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I pay 1000 ST and 1500 LT whether a freelancer or dancer; NEVER had a girl not want to go with me a second or third time. 98% of the time, I scratch from my "wish list" any girls who ask me "how much you pay me?" If I do take the trouble to reply and they want to negotiate, the offer is taken off the table and I say good-bye. 1000/1500 is, IMO, enough for doing what comes naturally. BTW, are u and "Teddy" Japanese? :) :) :)


Hugh (mak)

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