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Nana Thursday Evening-9:30-Repent Ye FORNICATORS


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I was headed down past the mouth of the dragon to Brunswick for an evening of pool and...

man it was like right out of Saturday Night Live. There were 5 youngish Farang guys dressed in black pants,white shirts,skinny black ties, and REAL bad haircuts clustered just inside Nana preaching the Lords Gospel. They were predicting damnation,hell and unbearable pain if ye "FORNICATORS!!!!" did not repent and cease ye fornicating. ::

They kept using the f word and like the Thais were just standing around watching with their mouths open. Right there open air street theatre,perfomance art WAY. better than most of the girls within.(Nana is not my cup except for a lookie)x You had to see it to believe it.My friend just busted out laughing hysterically.Did anyone else view this spectacle? :) :)

I went on after a few minutes so have no idea how long they lasted. ::

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Don't get me started on the fucking MORMONS!!!... :)


Alright, you did it now...I've told this story before here, but well, I'm long winded and like to repeat myself...here goes...


Sitting in the Soi 7 Food court, waiting for my friend the Laundry lady and her daughter to meet me...so it's crowded etc, 2 guys, black pants, white shirts, ties etc ask if they can join my table, I say o.k. Explaining I am waiting for "My wife and daughter." So we talk, the basics, they're from Yutah, middle of nowhere (big surprise there) and blah blah...one's been there a week, another 3 days...


So the "new guy" asks me it I know a particular girl...no, "well she's waiving at you" he says... I say "well, she might be waiving at you..." "why? I don't know her..." He says I say'Well, it's her job..." "Oh...what do you mean?" "Well" I say, explaining "she hangs out her, looking for guys, it is how she makes money..." "oh...why? what does she do..." Oh jeez...how far in the salt hills is this kid from? So I explain "well, she meets you, you talk and if you like each other, she'll go with you, and don't worry, she will like you, and go..." I said. He says "...oh, go where?" Oh boy..."go with you, to dinner, a bar, a show, sight seeing, your room, sleep with you..." "OOOOHHHH!!!!!, you mean kind of like a prostitute?" "no, not "like" she is, (sort of like jeasus and Mary Magdelene I wanted to add, but didn't)." "Oh dear he replies...how much does she charge?" I really wanted to tell him don't worry kid first one is on me, your friend too, but didn't.


The laundry lady showed up with the kid, we ate, talked, and I told them to keep in touch, wonder who got converted? Nice guys, but frankly I don't like missionaries, I think it is just wrong to go and try to change people's faith...hate when they knock on the door also...any of them, not just the Mormons...Next time, I'll tell you about my Thai teacher/hot neighbor, also a Mormon...

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