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maxal said:

A sidenote for you Cent. You once recommended a specific Frank Zappa album to me. Sorry, I forgot the title. I'm totally new to Frank's music. (yeah, I heard the Valley Girl song but I know there's much more I missed out.) Can you recommend one to me again?




If you see "Joe's Garage" - a double album, grab it, it's one of my favs.

Will be interested to see Cent's recommendations.

Enjoy, it really doesn't matter which album you buy, they're all great (IMO) except I was never really into some of his last works with the Symphany Orchestra...just me I guess, cos I grew up with a "different" Frank


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"Wow Cent, I got caught by surprise being out of town and all. Maybe other members were surprised too?"


Yeah, I guess so. Not nearly the sort of participation I/we thought there would be.


"As a suggestion, could some of the future contests be closer to the farang holidays? This way one could to really kick back and read to our heart's content before voting?"


You mean like the summer vacation holidays? That's a thought. I'd like to establish 2 writing contest a year. Fall and spring, but maybe winter and summer would be better? If we could set 2 dates a year it would give everyone who wants to join in a chance to either save something they write that they think is good enough to enter, or to have nearly 5 months to write something to enter into one of the contests. We had to put off the entry date twice because there wasn't really enough entries to have the contest. I think with enough advance notice we could get more entries and people voting, bringing KS donated prizes for the winners, and participating. So I'd like to have 2 a year set up in advance, advertised on the board and in certain forums, and talked up by those wanting to enter the contest.


"I'll check the latest efforts for this contest."


I'm sure you'll enjoy many of them. There were some really good ones submitted.


"A sidenote for you Cent. You once recommended a specific Frank Zappa album to me. Sorry, I forgot the title."


I think it was his "Thingfish" double album I recommended. Some incredible music and amusing stuff in there on religious idiocy in the states (Jim and Tammy Faye Baker at the time). The album was actually made to be a Broadway musical.


"I'm totally new to Frank's music."


Being a newbie to Frank's music can be tough. He is more an acquired taste, and hard listening for some. He had this thing about making "music to annoy people with". He'd intersperse these wild sonic blasts of noise (Varese-like) in between his gems of rock and roll or jazz in almost all of his earlier stuff. Some people don't get it or these odd pieces just turn them off to his music.


(yeah, I heard the Valley Girl song but I know there's much more I missed out.)


Valley Girl was written as a piece to promote his daughter Moon Unit at the time. It was just an amusing farce on the way these simple minded California teenage girls spoke and behaved. As usual, FZ was poking fun. It did become a hit, but it is hardly representative of his best work. Much the same "Dancin' Fool" his poke at Disco boys and music was a fluke hit for a month or two on top 40 radio.


"Can you recommend one to me again?"


Actually I'll recommend three for the neophyte interested in getting into FZ. Three from the early 70's that were his best commercially acclaimed works with some of the best musicians he ever hired. Try any or all three of these to start with. I think you'll like them.


1. One Size Fits All

2. Apostrophe

3. Overnight Sensation


"I was in great record store called "Amoeba" in Hollywood, CA for the first time last week and was simply overwhelmed by the amount of Zappa albums."


Amazing isn't it? The man had to die before the wankers would even carry more than one or two of his albums or for him to get some serious radio play. The problem now is that just after he died there were a shitload of old crappy recordings from some live stuff he did that were put out to take advantage of the interest in his music after his death. (Suddenly the music critics were calling him a musical genius. Whereas before they'd claim his music unlistenable and unmarketable. Wankers. He had a hard-core following, and his concerts and tours were always pretty much full from the many that I saw and went to.)




No problem. Let me know if you'd like some more suggestions after you maybe listen to those three. I'd say those three are the ones most rock and roll fans will find interesting and enjoyable straight through.



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Nervous_Dog said:

There was a boy called Hugh Hoy

who wondered hungarily around cowboy

to a pantless lady in his bed

Feeling quite wellfed

he said you hoy is quite aroi




And with that he took a towel

and wiped his dripping jowls.

?Who?s next?? he asked

Pointing to a fine-looking ass

The answer was an exuberant howl.


HH :)

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