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Philippines - Go Or Not? Info Needed!


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I have a week off in a couple of months, and am thinking of heading to the Philippines for a week of sanuk.


I have been once before, but only a quick overnight in Manila, then a week in Boracay, then transit in Manila airport on the way home, and that was with an ex-farang GF, so no sanuk there!


I've done some searches, and there's some info, but some of it is a little out of date.

(I think Ultras67 did a detailed report somewhere, but I can't find it???)




If I have a week and want good value-for-money sex and cheap beer (simple really!) where do I head? Angeles City? Or stay in Manila?


Is it likely I'll get ripped off by the girls/bars in the Philippines? (Never seem to have a problem in Thailand, but speak Thai so maybe that helps.


Does the bar fine system / short time / long time system work there, and in general, what are the prices for the above?


Do hotels have "no guest policies" like some in Thailand, or is bringing back a "friend" ok?


Are the girls as nice (at least on the exterior!) as TG's?

And are they generally willing to please in the sack?


Having been in Singapore and seeing some of the Phillippino lovelies freelancing there, (but not partaking - $250!!), I think a week in the Philippines would be a nice change and something different. But the idea of being a "newbie" again doesn't exactly thrill me. Is it worth the hassle?


Any advice you could give would be welcome and appreciated!


Moo Noi

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I am told that Manila is more expensive for P4P than here in Bangkok. Maybe Boring Man will expound or perhaps even elucidate. Angeles City is supposed to be inexpensive tho' but a two hour shitty bus ride from Manila.


Beware the concept of the cherry girl. She is one who will happily take drinks/money all night and then inform you at the end of the evening that she does not go with customers, just sits with them. Really. So therefore, unlike LoS, all girls in a gogo are not available for P4P.




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IMHO LOS beats the PI hands down!!


However, if you are going to PI then Angeles City (AC) is the place to go, cheap sex and beer. The barfine system is similar to LOS.


BGs are generally younger than in BKK or Pattaya, I prefer the looks of Issan girl, but the girls in PI are pretty. as for Beer, San Miguel vs Singha...give me a Singha! There are fewer Hotels to choose from, prices run from $18-$80 depending on what you like...my recommendation is the "Orchid" or "Wild Orchid Hotels" price range at the new "Wild Orchid" is $59-$79 the "Orchid" is a bit cheaper.


If you go to AC, visit "Gecko's Bar" the owner Angelo is a friend and will set you straight, just tell him Chuck from the Navy Club sent you!


Much Sanuk!!

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In no particular order:


Manila and Angeles are entirely different.


If you think Pattaya is a shithole, then you haven't been to Angeles. Nonetheless, it has its supporters. BF system is not similar to Thailand, the Angeles barfine or EWR (early work release) also commonly includes upfront payment for the girl (usually about 50-50 with the bar), hence more problems with runners, etc.


Manila has every level of nightlife, from actual pickup places, to high-end KTV and hostess clubs which'll suck your wallet dry and spit you out.


BF in Manila does not include payment for your new friend and can range from P1000-P3000 (or higher!). This can be reduced by buying LDs, being known to the management, or bursting into tears. Oh, yes, your new friend will also want a gratuity, often equivalent to the barfine.


This all varies, of course. Generally, the most expensive places, usually with the best-looking women, are clustered around P. Burgos St. in Makati. The low end of the spectrum is in Ermita where the LA Cafe and some other freelancer spots exist. These places are much cheaper (no BF). But be careful! There's a lot of senseless barebacking going on (interestingly, the higher-end local segment of the market is probably safer than the foreign-oriented end) here.


The two gogo complexes, EDSA and DEC are still running. EDSA has customers, DEC doesn't. Both have attractive girls.


One piece of general advice I'd give for Manila is to have some sort of idea what you're getting for what sort of payment. What girls will do, and how much they want, can vary widely without apparent reason.


Never heard of of hotel issues, though I'm a resident. ST hotels abound, though, so that's always an option.


I've never had a problem with ripoffs. Most bars have you sign your chits as you go along, so that provides you with some protection.


So...Angeles=cheap, Manila=generally expensive. I like Manila, but if you're into the Pattaya experience, you'll probably prefer Angeles. Angeles is generally the preferred tourist destination.


Does that help?

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also when comparing prices you get more bang for your buck as the peso is 54.27 to USD whilst the baht is 41.24 to the usd.


EG. A 500 barfine and 2000 baht overnighter in BKK wwill cost you 2500 baht at $USD60.69 Whilst in Manila at Edsa if you give the bar 1000 peso and the girl up to 3k at a total outlay of 4k will set you back $USD73.85 but if you only give her 2,500 it is the same almost at $64.62.


A bar which i have not barfined at yet but was very impressed last trip in Makati was Flamingo. The barfine is 1900 but every ladydrink you buy the barfine comes down by 300peso. Amazing talent in there and i hope i wasnt drunk and lights made them look like goddesses.

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Happy to help.


By the way, I've never met a cherry girl in Manila. I suppose they exist, but they seem to be mostly an Angeles phenomenon.


As to value-for-money, that's a tough one. I think Manila can offer great VFM for the wised-up resident. Start collecting phone numbers and you may never need to pay another bar fine. This is obviously harder for a visitor.


Angeles would appear to be more VFM, but there are continual complaints about rising prices and bad service. There are also far more reports about girls disappearing before the deed is done.


One thing you will encounter is much more LD pressure than in Thailand. 5 or 6 girls will descend on you, all wanting a drink, especially in some of the Makati bars (@P300/LD, no less). This really gets tiresome.


Good luck, I think it's worth the trip, at least once. I haven't done the proper mongering trip, but Cebu is also an option. Plenty of action there if you know where to look, and I'm very fond of Cebuanas.

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