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Adventures in Facism at Nana Disco!


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Yes the prices... entrance fee and drinks, are certainly 'up there' but I've never had problems of the staff like that of the topic-starter.


One of the bar staff at the top bar near the entrance was a little grumpy once when I left no tip (she turned her nose up and shook her head at another staff member) so I buy from the quieter end bar, the older lady with light tints at the end bar is cool, smile at her and she'll eventually acknowledge you and smile back each time.


Haven't had pressure to drink although I've almost always got a glass in my hand :spin: but I've seen chicks in there sitting down, drinkless and unhassled.


Hey, maybe I'm too busy watching the show... where else on this planet, hansum man or not, can I experience the delightful pleasure of reverse sexual intimidation as hordes of nubile, gyrating minxs swamp me with furtive lustful glances? :hubba:

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BuffHello said:

Hollywood charges 200 entrance and 1 free drink, but the entertainment is a whole lot better . take a gal there.



Hollywood has rapidly gone downhill. Fewer dancers and now no food is served. Only one dancer strutting between sets.


I've been to a Rachada Soi 4 club and it was terrible. The band was so loud you could shout at the person next to you and they would not be able to hear you. Plus it was so packed you could not dance.


Now I did like a Thai club out in Miniburi. The club had good food and drink and live music. Plus you could talk with your friends.

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>What are you supposed to do if you are dancing, hold your >drink at all times so they dont hassle you?


the owner himself (not the manager) had a guard pull me off the dancefloor the other night, so the owner could tell me something. that something was, "you can't

bring your beer bottle on the dancefloor"


>OK I am willing to boycott the place...Anyone else??


well, unfortunately, like I said, that's not going to hurt them one iota. because there'll always be a steady stream of tourists going in there. they're here to blow lots of cash and get laid, for a limited amount of time...they don't give a shit that they're being charged $10 for a beer. as I said earlier, my post was nothing more than a rant, letting off some steam. I wasn't implying that there was any solution.


and to everyone who said "it's capitalism"...you're absolutely right. and there's nothing we can do about it.


>So yer shit outta luck. Either live with it and quit yer bitchin' or >find a new venue to play in.


haha, I knew there'd be at least one comment like this. um, actually, no, I won't quit my bitchin'...I have every right to bitch! just like you have every right to

not read it if you don't like it. I just had to get it off my chest, so now that's done. lighten up.


though you're right, I am going to find a new venue...I certainly am a lot less inclined to go there these days than I used to be.


>Yes the prices... entrance fee and drinks, are certainly 'up >there' but I've never had problems of the staff like that of the topic-starter.


actually, before they ever started hassling me, I had witnessed numerous incidents of them hassling girls, including the wife of a friend, whose face they

got in with their typical "you're a dirty freeloading whore" attitude...



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preahko said:

So first, a little background for those of you who just walked into the room: I've been going to Nana Disco for some three years now. Yeah, the music is cheesy, the farang guys are the dregs of their respective societies, and the girls are often of, um, questionable looks and value for the buck, but hey, it's home, in a way! preahko


So does this mean you think you are better than the patrons of ND?



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I will happily join this boycott. I have stayed at the Nana for five years and always enjoyed the convenience of the disco for late night observation of what was usually a nice range of talent. Each visit has seen changes for the worse and the last time I had a strong feeling that this would be my last time to actually be in the disco and instead use the bar area outside to observe the comings and goings. But even from that vantage point, I noted a definite decline in attractive ladies on the last trip. It's a hassle to do the traveling but will probably head over to CM as an alternative.

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