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Best Avatar ever!


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Batty started talking about several Avatars he liked in the One of Us thread, and I agree.


liquidflux, SD, AWESOME images...



SD, you had a different one with a moving image that was totally HOT a few months back... bring it back, please!!!


or, can a thread be started with all hot avatars on display??



the best avatar that a 'friend of ours' put up is the BEST. Hands down. no contest. The few of you who are "in the know" understand the history and background of this avatar. If not, do a little bit of research elsewhere and you will learn. Nuff' said about that.





the winning avatar.... Hugh Hoy's!! (circa Feb 2006)


(note she is not wearing a ton of Buddha gold :) Nor is she wearing a pearl necklace, well, not yet, anyway... LOL!!!! )







but the Doodah man is pretty cool, too; in my most humble opinion.



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I am still waiting for SD to shed some light on his adorable little minx.... or am I on his ignore list! (didnt answer me in other thread)


So for me, it would have to be JJSushi, Liquidflux, SD.

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OK, you guys are pathetic, so I'll break my rules and put her back for a return engagement. Here she is for a week or two.


But, NO! I will NOT tell you who she is nor how to meet her -- she's family and I sure do not want to be related to any of you mooks! She is mine, all mine (tho' someone has copied from when I posted her before and I have now seen in in several other places :( )!


I love Hugh Hoy's new avatar, tho' those with only average or smaller Johnsons may not understand it LOL!




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