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Thailand newbie needs help

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Hello at all,


finally I'm taking a solo trip to thailand in April and I'm not much interested in sight seeing if you understand what I mean :-) and I would need some kick-off for nightlife. Any of your feedback is highly apreciated.


1.) Which place in Thailand is "probabely" best to really have fun and a good choice of nice and fresh girls?


2.) Can you take the girls to every hotel or is it necessary to choose the right hotel to take girls. And if so, how do I recognize a "friendly" hotel? ;-)


3.) What are the main do's and dont's for


Thats it for the moment. Thank you ind advance for any feedback...




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You might go to the Introduction section on Board.


There are so many posts on this board with similiar question. Maybe a Search.


And maybe you can be a little more specific in question (s).


A good idea would be to read up on Thailand. It's cultural, customs, religions, etc.


Only an idiot travels half way around world just to get laid !

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Hi Diego,


yup, your right I'm not in asia just to f**k a gal. :-) -> this makes me free not to take "the idiot" personally ::


I think my questions are specific :


1) Where to go?

2) Take girls to what kind of hotels?

3) dos and donts?


and of course thanks for the search hints.


Cheers Stefan

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1. Don't wear white socks.


2. Always wear long trousers when visiting the Kings Palace.


3. Always tip hotel cleaning staff and request extra towels.



4. And this is most important. Don't marry the first gal you take back to the hotel room. Ah . . . you may think I am joshing. Nay, Nay, my friend. As I traveled to Thailand one time with a Newbie, and yes, he is married now and living in Thailand. The first gal he took back to room. The very first gal ! Needless to say, he was overwhelmed with LOS Thailand and it's many amenities. True story. You have been warned !

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Here's what I recommend as it will save you time and money.


Nana Hotel is girl friendly and about 20 to 30 minutes from airport. Cost, about 250 to 300 baht from airport to Nana Hotel by regular taxi. Tell taxi driver to take toll road, costs about $2 US extra, and well worth it.


Walk OUTSIDE to taxi booth to get taxi. Do NOT take any taxi or limo being offered to you inside airport. They are a ripoff in my opinion. Just tell taxi driver to put meter on when you take one to Nana Hotel.


From Nana Hotel,the elevated skytrain is less than 5 minute walk to station, and gets you to subway also. Traffic can be a real BITCH in Bangkok :-( The train gets you around in Bangkok very quick, verses the taxis.


http://www.nanahotel.co.th Guest/Girl friendly.


Nana Hotel is an excellent hotel to go to for your first trip. Generally speaking, its right in the center of the action and Sukhumvit Road is right next to it. Its located across the street from Nanaplaza, which has go-gos and beer bars.


Then go to Soi Cowboy,Patpong using the Skytrain.


Then go to Pattaya after doing Bangkok, a must see partytown that is amazing.


Bus to Pattaya 110 baht A/C, Ekkamai Station.

Taxi to Pattaya usually 1200 to 1500 baht each way.


Approx 2 hrs each way Bangkok to Pattaya.


Go to Pattaya, Sandyspring Hotel. Girl friendly, reasonable price.




Check out Walking Street, and in Pattaya you'll have hundreds of beer bars with women to choose from if go-gos are not your thing. More go-gos and beer bars are in Pattaya than Bangkok, and I mean a huge number.



Go to search engine google and input these words, all that you need to find will be here. Tons of info in google. Usually the first page that comes up will have what you need.



soi cowboy


bangkok nightlife

thailand full moon parties

siam square

massage parlors thailand


pattaya nightlife

walking street pattaya



Go-gos, girls about 1500 to 2000 baht Long Time

1000 to 1500 baht Short Time


Costs somewhat less in Pattaya, and many many more to choose from in Pattaya. I actually prefer Pattaya as there is a vast and varied selection of women there.

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Excellent post by Whitney.


Observation. Spend a few minutes at the Golden Beer Bar - covered open-air air conditioned bar attatched to the Nana Hotel. Just sit next to anyone at the bar and you will probably obtain a wealth of information about LOS Thailand.


Transportation to Pattaya.

The Dynasty Hotel - across street from Nana hotel - has a daily mini-bus that travels to Pattaya at 11:00 AM each day. Sometimes half empty. Price, at last trip, was 350 Baht. Mini-bus takes you to Dynasty Hotel on Soi 13, Pattaya. It does not take you to another hotel though, but does take you within short walk to many hotels. The LEK Hotel being one across street. And there are about half dozen hotels on Soi 13 (street Dynasty is on in Pattaya). You do not have to stay at the Dynasty Hotel to take the mini-bus. Any travel agent can arrange a mini-bus directly to your hotel in Pattaya - for a price. This type of mini-bus is usally full to capacity - as it hits many hotels in Bangkok.


Note: At last count there were about 1,600 bars - drinking establishments - in Pattaya.


Excluding Christmas/New Years - there has never been a shortage of hotel rooms in Bangkok or Pattaya. The Nana is a well known hotel and I would recommend reservations.

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Wow - Thank you Whitney and unit 731 these are REALLY amazing prospects and from the start away I would tend to directly travel to Pattaya :-)....


By the way my stay is the first week of April and, of course, I will post some impressions.


Thanks al lot


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