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Thailand newbie needs help


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Post the actual days you are going to be in town and see if one of the regulars want to meet up for a drink. If you are in town on Friday, head over to Gulliver's for the weekly meeting.


There is always somebody willing to take a newbie around and share their experience. :beer:


Make sure you post some reviews and a trip report and let us know how you did. :)

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I suggest following


1st stay 2 nights in BKK, do Morning2Night, Nanaplaza,

Stay either in Nana Hotel or Majestic suites (links to be found on this site) Get laid often during this period. Visit Angelwitch in Bangkok


Do not forget to take a few pictures of the temples and surrounding to show at home .


Take a taxi to Pattaya, stay there for as long as you can afford. Pinewood studios was my favorite as they have high speed in room internet connections and are girl friendly


Visit walking street. Go to angelwitch in Pattaya and spot the difference ( clothes :) )

Visit Lucifers on Wst (big disco)

Visit Tonys another big disco

Visit Peppermint, a good gogo with some good looking and also some good bedperformers.

Get laid at least once a day.

Take a different girl each day

If you like bars

Go to soi 6, soi 1/soi 2 area either beachroad or 2nd road .

Get laid

Get pissed

Get laid


Whish I could join, but my trip is another staggering 4.5 months away..

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A few more suggestions as I just returned from Thailand.


Pattaya is far better for price and girls.


As said before for good performance short time girls SOI- 6


Lucifers and Marine disco's will be packed with hotty freelancer girls most nights. And most I experienced were good performers.


The GO GO's are good for shows but I found the girls to be not as accomodating as non GO GO girls.

Some to check out for the shows or girls are:


Living Dolls Showcase- I think there are 3 of them and one was better than the others but I cant remember which it was.

Also, Peppermint was not bad for the girls.

Be sure to check out the shows at Fantasia's you will not be dissapointed. It is down the same soi as Angelwitch.


There are many others but no stick out in my mind as exceptional, but then I was drunk most of the time so my memory is fuzzy.


Take care and Have fun

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I've a t-shirt with the text


Good guys go to heaven

bad guys go to Pattaya


Never used in Thailand but in Sweden when I go to some thai restaurants and parties - as the TGs know I go to Pattaya often. :)

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