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T minus 4 months and counting


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Airline and hotel reservations made, seminar registration in place, attitude adjustment in progress.


I deliberately stacked a few extra days on the trip this time, to give me (a) more time to adjust the internal clock (not that I really expect to need it) (B) more time to see the sights © a chance to meet some of you guys at Gullivers on Friday.


I'm arriving very late Thursday night, 27 July 2006, departing Monday 7 Aug 2006 morning.


Now I just have to maintain my sanity between now and then...

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I can't make Gulliver's.


But go to the Golden Beer Bar outside the Nana Hotel. Sit in the 3rd seat from the end - near the parking lot. Wear a red hat or cap. Order a Heineken. If you don't drink beer, just ask the gal for an empty bottle. Place the bottle on bar in front of you.

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My deepest sympathy,

4 fcukn months, my Buddha, you could rob a bank and be out of jail quicker than that.

Roughly 122 days...hehehe wait till the last 2 weeks when your "anxiety levels" start to peak.


Having said that, I know exactly how you feel........I've got exactly 4 Days to go and it's absolutely killing me, especially seeing it's 5 weeks since I was last in Bkk.


Before I get shot down, yeah I know I'm gloating, but I'll be quiet next week, cos I'll be "Home" and way way too busy (and tired) to be able to post


Happy countdown

Cheers Dumsoda

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Land in BKK Friday evening :: :yay: There for two to three weeks for a job. Back in late June for another few weeks (holiday this time). :elephant::elephant::elephant: And then ... not sure yet, depends on customers. Have to kick the sales guys into gear (or should that be in the rear?).


Hope to get to Gulliver's this time to meet some of the NP guys.

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