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Summer visit

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Chris53 said:_ I am shy and find bars etc very intimidating, so would like to meet a young lady another way.

Sensible question from Chris53.


I, too, am somewhat shy; I don't drink; I don't enjoy bars.

There are plenty of other ways to meet lots and lots of Thai ladies without ever stepping into a bar.

I will suggest one, probably the best one for new-comers: the "soapie".


There are plenty of soapies in both Bangkok and Pattaya and plenty of information in other threads on this and other forums.


At a soapie, the atmosphere is quiet and congenial.

The service is usually attentive.

You can relax and make your choice without distractions or pressure.

You can have a drink of your choice while you are considering your options.


You will ALWAYS get what you pay for at a soapie.

There is no chance the girl will "do a runner" or claim she is on her period.


You know in advance exactly what full service will cost.

There is no negotiating after the fact, although a good tip for good service is always in order.


Plus, security at a soapie is high.

You have no worries about the girl sneaking out of your hotel room with your wallet or your camera while you are in the shower.


Also, with a soapie you never have to consider where to take the girl.

You don't have to worry about the "guest fee" at your hotel, or the "walk of shame" thru the lobby.

You don't have to wonder about short-time hotels, either.

Everything you could want or need is right there in one place.


Finally, some -- perhaps all -- of the girls at soapies can be taken "home" if you prefer that.


A typical session will run about 1,500 and up, plus your tip to the girl.


For a shy man -- or a man who does not enjoy the bar environment -- a soapie is the perfect answer.


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Khun 004, 90 minutes with one girl in a soapie is no substitute for being in the bars and meeting lots of different girls. There are decent bars you know.


As for going for a soapie in order to avoid "the walk of shame" through your hotel lobby, if that is how you feel then perhaps you should stay at home in your own country. :shakehead

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I agree with drogon, soi 33 is prolly the place to go if you are somewhat reluctant to take on the heat of the pushy beer bars.

To be fair the OP stated that he was shy and he may very well perceive taking a bg to his room through the lobby as a walk of shame.

Not that anyone at the lobby would give a **** they have all seen it a thousand times.


To the OP, you pay the bucks, you call the shots, simply as that IMO.

When you visit a bar, you need not worry about your conversational skills, you will be walked through the usual questionnaire to break down the ice. And the girls will do their best to make you feel comfortable. You take it from there. Noone you like? You move on to the next.


Have fun.



hua nguu




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