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cosmetic surgery at Yahnee Hospital

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Hey guys,


After 50, the old mirror isn't as friendly as it used to be. :(

Considering some work. Eyelids, facelift maybe....

lipo. I've been to Bumrungrad for minor stuff and they seem fine. Question is anyone had any work done at Yahnee? What are your experiences? Please give prices, too, if possible.

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Two years ago, my GF was stung on her leg by a jellyfish resulting in chronic inflamation and severe scaring.

Visits to a Thai Hospital, various clinics and Bumrumgrad failed to alleviate the problem.

A friend who's wife had been treated at YANHEE HOSPITAL for a skin condition recommended we give it a try, he felt their Dermatology Dept was second to none.

We went the next day with no appointment. The Hospital itself is not the "five star hotel" experience of Bumrumgrad; it is plain and utilitarian but spotlessly clean and well laid out, the staff friendly and helpful.

Within an hour she was seeing a Dermatoligist who called in several consultants and gave her respectful attention, answering all of her and my questions. He prescribed a course of treatment that proved sucessful.

I don't remember the total cost including meds, but I think it was around B2000.


The patient waiting areas can be VERY interesting as Yanhee is a leader in -um- "gender reversal"

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Yanhee has a good reputation. That's where the BGs go for their boob jobs and the khatoeys to have their willy turned inside out. Make sure you don't end up in the wrong section or we may be calling you Maude. :)


The prices are reasonable, though there is double pricing (TIT).


A few years ago, my wife needed some eye surgery done and the doc said he'd throw in the eyelid bit for not much more. I paid for it. Then she decided I should have my eyelids done too. Not exactly my most pleasant experience. You are sort of half out and I remember being in a dark room when it seemed like Darth Vader was hacking at me with a laser sabre. You smell your own flesh burning! Yuck.


You might ask if they would kindly put you completely under whilst they do it.


I've been told that one of the bar owners had liposuction to get rid of his beer gut. Don't remember which one it was though.


Large number of foreigners going to Yanhee nowadays, especially Singaporeans. I saw some Farangs who had come from somewhere in Europe and one woman from Vietnam.


The nurses are lookers. One confided to me that the hospital does work on their faces as a job perk. If I were a single young guy, I'd be over there flirting with the nurses and tell the BGs to go fly a kite.





Bubba goes to Yanhee

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Just remembered ... Yanhee sponsors a beauty contest every year. The winning gal gets to have her nose bobbed or her eyes rounded or whatever else she wants to do to f*ck up the appearance that won her the contest. :(


p.s. This is the doc that slashed me with the light sabre. Didn't realise he also did the sex change bit! ::



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sekander said:

Thanks for the responses. I've noticed that Yahnee posts prices for various procedures. Are those farang prices? I would assume so, since they're on the English web page.


I just had a Botox treatment today in USA to remove my brow frown lines. I paid $200. The price at Yahnee is $150, so it's not that big of a difference, although other more labor intensive procedures may be much cheaper.

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I have to say I'm a bit suprised by this post and the responses.


sekander getting a facelft and his eyelids done.


flashermac his eyelids, and


zzzz getting botox for his frown lines


What's wrong with you guys, you'll probably do more harm in the long term than good?


Why don't you all just grow old gracefully instead of acting like a bunch of girls? Unless of course you are a bunch of girls?

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I think that The Munchmaster has one of two routes to go. If he looks like a 75 year old Sean Connery, no plastic surgery is necessary. If he turns out to be another "fat basterd," then all the plastic surgery in the world won't help.

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