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The Abba Story


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Well, as obviously no one wants to join in the incredibly amazing fun of spot the Abba song titles, I'll just have to keep the fantastic prize for myself and reveal the answers.


THE ABBA STORY (Song Titles in Bold Letters).


It was our last summer together so me and Bobby and Bobby?s brother (whose name is Fernando) decided to spend some more time together, the way old friends do and decided to go on a trip. We arranged to meet at my house in the morning and when the door bell went ring ring I opened the door, but only Booby was there and I said ?you?re late Bobby, I?ve been waiting for you? and he said, ?sorry Munchy, but I?ve been looking for Fernando and I don?t know where he is?. I looked up and down the street and then I saw him and I said to Bobby ?here he comes?. But on his arrival Bobby started hitting him and shouting at him and I said ?stop it he is your brother?, and he stopped. So I said ?hi? to Fernando and then whispered in his ear, ?I?ve just saved you from a severe beating so you owe me one?. Fernando nodded and then said ?mamma mia, what?s that disgusting mark on your face? and I said ?it?s just a pluke, I saw it in the mirror this morning?.


We decided to head off immediately but before leaving Bobby gave me a new CD by a rock?n roll band called Bang A Boomerang and I said ?thank you for the music Bobby?. I put the CD in the house and just as I was about to close the door Fernando said to me, ?aren?t you going to put on your white sombrero? and I said ?no, I?m not?.


We headed to Waterloo station and asked for 3 tickets to Edinburgh but the train was full so the ticket man said ?what about Livingstone? and we said ?another town, another train?? The ticket man said ?yes, it?s not like Edinburgh but it?s still a good place?, but I said ?I don?t think so?. However the ticket man said ?come on, take a chance on me, you won?t regret it?. Anyway he said there was a special two for the price of one deal on at the moment so I turned to Bobby and Fernando and said ?there?s a two for the price of one deal on tickets to Livingstone so one of us won?t have to pay?. So we agreed to draw straws and the person who drew the short straw had to buy the full price ticket and the other two would split the cost of the two for one ticket between them. Anyway I drew the short straw and thought to myself ?why did it have to be me?.


So we said ?so long? to the ticket man and got on the train. Just as we were getting on the train someone shouted ?watch out for the gap between the train and the platform? and we did. When we got on the train and went to our seats there was a man in the middle of them, so we told him that he was sitting in one of our seats and asked him to move. But he said he wouldn?t and we said he had to and he still said he wouldn?t and we kept saying he had to and this went on and on and on until the inspector arrived and told him to move on. Once he?d moved and we were in our seats, and as it was quite a long journey, we decided to play a game and the name of the game was Disillusion and we decided to play for money and agreed that the winner takes it all.


In the row in front of us was one man, one woman and their young daughter who had lovely blond hair. They introduced themselves to us and told us that their daughters name was Nina and they were going to Livingstone for her ballet lessons. At this I remarked ?Nina pretty ballerina you are the girl with the golden hair?. Then Nina said ?I?m not a ballerina I am just a girl? and then she changed her mind and said ?actually I?m a marionette? and we all looked at each other. Then her mum said ?stop disturbing the young men?, but her dad said ?hey hey Helen, leave her alone, she isn?t doing any harm?. Then Nina said ?I have a dream and when I grow up I want to change my name to Chiguitita and become a dancing queen and make lot?s of money, money, money?. So I said to Nina, ?does your mother know? and Nina said ?my mama said that I should dance, while the music still goes on?.


When we got to Livingstone, which is also known as the summer night city, we walked up the main street and stopped to listen to the piper who was collecting money for charity. When he stopped we asked him why he piped for charity rather than walking around with leaflets and a collection box and he said, ?I let the music speak?. Anyway we wished him a happy new year, which was pretty stupid as it was still August and went on our way.


As we were walking Bobby stopped and said he had a sore foot, so we sat down on a wall and he took off his shoe so that he could massage his foot. Anyway while he was rubbing I took a look at his shoe, discovered the problem and said to him, ?hey Bobby, you?ve got a hole in your soul?. This was an emergency situation so we issued an S.O.S call and a passing copper stopped and told us where the nearest shoe repair shop was.


In we went to find that it was run by two girls and one of them was gorgeous. Anyway while we were waiting for the shoe to be repaired I got talking to them and it turns out their names were Cassandra and Suzy. I immediately fell head over heals in love with Cassandra and asked her if she could get away from the shop for the rest of the day. Suzy was actually just about to leave for the afternoon but Cassandra said, ?please Suzy hang around for the afternoon and let me go off with Munchy?. Suzy reluctantly agreed and we left Bobby and Fernando in the shop with her.


Once outside Cassandra said, ?the day before you came I went to the fortune teller who said that I would soon meet some visitors from London?, which was pretty uncanny. We decided to go to Dream World and have a go on the merry go round and I was so happy I didn?t know what to do and said to myself, ?should I laugh or cry?. I thought ?she?s my kind of girl and there was no way she?d be slipping through my fingers?.


While on the merry go round we talked about love and Cassandra said ?people need love? and I said ?honey, honey you know love isn?t easy, but it sure is hard enough? and she said ?Super Trouper (she liked to call me that because she was into soldiers), lay all your love on me?. I just looked into her angeleyes and said ?you are like an angel passing through my room? and then to demonstrate my language abilities I said ?voulez-vous coochet avec moi se soir?? and I could just see the lovelight shining in her eyes. She was impressed but said that we hadn?t known each other long enough, to which I responded, ?when all is said and done you are my love, my life and knowing me, knowing you is what it?s all about?. Then I asked her to marry me and she said ?I do, I do, I do, I do, I do? and on hearing those words my heart soared like an eagle and I said I?m gonna sing you my lovesong.


By this time it was getting late and we were hungry so we headed to the Chinese take away for the midnight special and in a moment of sheer joy Cassandra shouted out ?gimme! gimme! gimme! a man after midnight? and I said ?that?s me baby? and we kissed and it was just like that time back in school when I kissed the teacher. Then we discussed when to get married and where to have our honeymoon and I suggested happy Hawaii that tropical loveland where we could sip our drinks sitting in a palm tree and she said I wonder if that?s where I really want to go and then she mentioned a place called Santa Rosa which her friend Elaine said was really romantic. So I said ?Santa Rosa it is then? and thought to myself, ?this is a crazy world?. Then I said ?let?s go to your place where I?m gonna sing you my love song?, but she said ?I?d prefer you to rock me?.

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What are you going to use as a weighing implement, surely there isn't a set of scales big enough in Thailand for you two fat feckers. Maybe you should ask a friendly buffalo farmer what he uses to weigh his herd. :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant:

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Ah Teddy you nasty price of work. We are most loved in LOS, we are not just another faceless penis as you have been. We have option of dieting, but you are dead set ugly, with face that only a mother could love, and there is no options left for you.


Stop annoying me as I must get back to Mc Tavish of the Glen!

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zob65 said:

Ah Teddy you nasty price of work. We are most loved in LOS, we are not just another faceless penis as you have been. We have option of dieting, but you are dead set ugly, with face that only a mother could love, and there is no options left for you.


Stop annoying me as I must get back to Mc Tavish of the Glen!


And I thought you loved me :(

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Never mind Abba - here's one I've made up on the Beatles, complete with a Thia Bar Girl twist.


See how many you can spot :


Dear Prudence,


I'm so Tired.


Yesterday. I'd had a Hard Day's Night. I Should Have Known Better.


Baby's in Black. Here, There and Everywhere. I Got to Find my Baby. I Saw her Standing There. She Came in through the Bathroom Window. Girl. Little Child. Like my Sister Kate. Sweet Little Sixteen. Aint She Sweet. I'm in Love.


Hello Little Girl. I am the Walrus. Where Have You Been all My Life. I Want to Hold your Hand. I Wanna be your Man.


She Said She Said. Hey Hey. Hey Jude. Please Mr. Postman. Come and Get It. Don't Pass Me By. Hold Me Tight. Johnny B Good. Money (that's what I want). Ticket to Ride. It Wont Be Long. Baby You're a Rich Man. A Taste of Honey. There's a Place. Why Don't we do it in the Road. We Come Together. With a Little Help From My Friends


I said Wait. Honey Don't. Get Back. Slow Down. That'll be the Day. You Can't Do That. What Goes On. What You're Doing. Tell Me Why. I Just Don't Understand. Everybody's Trying to be My Baby. I'm not a Day Tripper. Let's Dance. I'm Happy Just to Dance with you.


She replied Because. I Need You. Take Good Care of My Baby. Some Other Guy. This Boy. Tomorrow Never Knows. Everybody's Got Something to Hide. I'll Keep You Satisfied.


I said Let It Be. Don't Bother Me. Too Much Monkey Business. Devil in her Heart. Your Mother Should Know.


I Should Have Known Better. It's All Too Much. I'll Be Back. When I'm Sixty Four.


She say Mean Mr. Mustard. You Never Give Me Your Money. I'll Cry Instead. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (over you).


I'll Be on My Way. I Don't Want to See you Again.


Hello Goodbye.


The End.


P.S. I Love You.

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