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OK Guys,let's put all chat into one Thread.

difficult to keep up on opinions when they are spread around several Threads.


England.........not impressive.

i can imagine the Media comments tomorrow about their performance after the hype which has surrounded them leading up to the WC.


as Bibblies said in another Thread,Sven was very cautious and made wrong decisions.

England had the possession in the 1st half but didn't really penetrate.

i can only recall one save which the Goalie had to make from an English attempt.

Paraguay were up for it in the 2nd half and with a better final ball could have easily scored.

England looked a little uncomfortable at the back at times and that is worrying for when we meet a better Team than Paraguay.


England's shortcomings upfront stood out when Owen was taken off........no-one to take his place.

what is the point of hitting long balls to crouch when he has no-one to knock them down to?.

and even though J.Cole sort of moved up,he was then taken off...........crazy.


but a win is a win (albeit with a rather fortunate Goal),but let's hope they improve if they get into the knock-out stages........

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Trinidad & Tobago vs Sweden 0:0


great to see what you can achieve with passion!

Sweden was the way better team but T&T were the better 'fighters'


I thought they would be short on breath in the 2nd half, especially when one of them was sent off!


I guess we have our first surprise here.!

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It is like Dirk Nowitzky would play a 10yo kid in a one on one match! Game is over after 5 minutes even when it is a tie. The final result will be 10:10, who do you think is gonna celebrate and whos gonna cry? ;) got it?


T&T was the total underdog while sweden is one of the fav teams!





The winner gets 3 points

The looser gets 0 points

at a tie both teams get 1 point


it wasn't to expect that T&T would make a single point at the entire tournament!


now you got it!!!??

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That was Trinidad and Tobago's first ever world cup finals game and also their first ever point (obviously). The Swedish fans are traditionally a bunch of nancies and many of their players sport handbags as fashion acessories, ie Freddie Lungbergh, that's why a lot of them were crying. Plus the realisation that when they only manage a draw against Paraguay and England beat T&T, England will be through as group winners without having to break sweat in the last match.

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