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Recommended 5 Star Hotel?


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thaihotels said:
Straycat said:

Hyatt is actually much cheaper than Banayan Tree, Conrad and Amari. Certain kind of customers (me, for example) find that suspicious [is the hotel not good enough?]


Straycat, Hyatt cheaper than Conrad and Amari, thats amazing, which site?


According to each hotels on-line booking system. Hyatt.com and so on.

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hotelman ,


I have no idea if the Conrad is guestfriendly , I was just trying to provoke an outcry of disgust from Straycat because he was initially asking about Executive floors with facilities and the like . This outcry did not come so far which proves he is just after a discreet place to shag his girlfriend . I strongly disapprove of this and am trying to inform Thai customs to have him denied entry visa , spend the night in jail and deported the following morning back to the People's Republic of Congo .



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I am amazed that the Novotel and Hyatt are even being considered together - they are poles apart. The Hyatt is one of the best hotels in Bangkok (George Bush stayed there during the ASEAN meeting), somehow the Novotel with its threadbare carpets and orange and brown decor on formica is not really in the same league. Hyatt is also way better than any Amari property in terms of everything and I have stayed in all of them at one time or another.



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There are others. Many customers used to stay in the above up to 6500 Baht/night. We let them try Majestic Grande, Grande Deluxe room, priced at 3498 Baht/night(special price not on our web) and they haven't gone back to the others.




Does anyone know how to access a Grande Deluxe Room at the Majestic at the rate cited by Tim?


I'm looking for a place to stay for a week next month and have gone off the Jasmine since they stopped the free wireless Internet access.





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