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The rules posted here are in addition to the MUST READ General Rules, which can be found at the top of the page under (Rules). Please take a few minutes to review those, if not already familiar. The following are some rules specific to this SPORTS & LEISURE forum.


S&L Rules:


1) Topics should be related to Sports and Leisure - hence the name of the forum. Some past topics have included Football (European), Football (American), Billiards (or Pool, or Snooker), Tennis, Golf, Darts, Baseball, Gyms, etc. Other possible topics would be movie theaters (in Thailand), Concerts, the Arts, etc. Please keep any non-sports or leisure related posts in their appropriate forums.


2) The S&L forum is also a good place to find a foursome for Golf, partner for Tennis, set up a game of pool, and other S&L meetings with other board members. Please keep general meeting posts in the Meetings forum.


3) We understand that emotions can run high as regards support of one's favorite teams. This is especially true in the football threads. Good-natured ribbing between posters is certainly allowed, however flame wars will be snuffed out quickly. Keep it civil. If you are unsure as to what constitutes flaming, please see the link below for a definition.


4) Please ensure that any information you post regarding venues is as accurate as possible. Although sending someone to a Klong Toey snooker hall at 2 AM may seem like a harmless prank, lets avoid the temptation.


The Board Moderator

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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