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An absolute goddess left me exhausted tonight. Left. Then called me from downstairs ten minutes later.


As you need cards to access the lobby and elevator she said come down to the door now. Then hung up. Thinking there was a problem I rushed down. Expecting security at the least and the police at the worst.


What a beautiful smile as she handed me a plastic bag with quitio, waied and then said good night. A foggy memory of saying something about skipping dinner before she left me crippled on the bed.


Cost of three hours:


500 baht (1,500 left on her purse and then two purples handed back- but I did help with a lockout of her apartment weeks ago)


Taste of quitio:


Killer spice with soft fish balls


Living the BKK expat lifestyle and noting it in the exclusive Expat Nightlife forum:




Have any other BKK residents seen any pretty women recently?

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Lucky Bastard is an understatement !!!! :(:(

Been back here 3 weeks & my phone bill is gunna be farkn HUGE

Last Wednesday was the killer.....4 phone calls and a total of 16 sms's to/fro....and "She" is paying for her own calls....(Well at least until I get back & re-imburse)


Just think, 1 days phone bill is more than it cost you for 3 hours of pleasure.

Please don't tell me this again....grown men shouldn't be made to Cry...lol


Back in 4 weeks, I guess a couple of shippers of tissues should see me through.



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Dumsoda is too busy working to save money on phone calls :)


but Miss P could look for a phone card to call Dumsoda , or at least use the 009 set-up which I think is cheaper then the direct dialing......


But then its only $$$$ and he is in lust....ohh I mean luv



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What a sweetie, because you missed dinner she brought you QUITIO????

QUIT and IO??? What is that????


ok, I deciphered your message, guaitiao nam or something like that, a delicious noodle soup that comes in many varieties, don't like the fish balls kind though.


Then you wonder why some of us fall in love with these BG's :help:


That's why I one morning I kept one, tired of chasing a new one every night.

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