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Real Football Starting!


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Guest HonoluluJimmy

I will predict that the UH QB colt Brennan will go in the first round of the 2008 draft to a tean who plays wide offense!

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Bada Bing, am I permanently barred from this thread? :hubba:


NO WAY BRO !!!! Guess Donavan Mac is going to have to " put up " this year , T.O. may be his football legasy , NFC East is gonna be tough this year.


Maybe ties can be settled with FG's from the 50.... :neener:


Bada :beer: Bing


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Glad my Eagles got rid of TO. More troublemaker than he's worth and glad to see him eat a little crow before he left. Don't EFF with Philly!


BB, there are a couple Eagles bar in LA, are there any Lions bars? I know of a Steelers bar (its where I watch soccer coincidentally). And one of my Eagles bars is also the home of the Vikings. It seems like just about every team has a bar in LA because its such a transient city.


Anyway, as long as Dallas doesn't win anything I'll be fairly happy.



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