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Is Jakarta worth a visit?


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Indonesia and particularly Jakarta is worth a visit, if you're looking for the water trade crafts.

My comments on this and the other posts above:

IMHO, Indonesian disintegration is way overblown. Too big a country, and the folks just don't have the appetite for it. Life goes on in Jakarta, no matter what happens to Aceh and Irian.

As for the fuel price increase of 30% that someone above referred to , it's to take effect sometime this month (June 15th, I think) they'll probably implement it and then if things get rough roll it back to 15% or something like they did the last time. The riots in May 1998 had very little to do with fuel price increases and everything to do with Soeharto and other issues. The increase was used as an excuse, however, to start things off.

As for security, you won't get shot here as they don't have guns. I've been here 10+ years and have never been pickpocketed or felt in danger (other than in work-related situations). Higher probability of getting injured walking down Sukhumvit by a sidewalk motorcyclist or forgetting to look both ways.

The posts are right that it is spread out and you need a taxi. Get a silverbird for the evening and it'll cost you $25 depending on where you go.

If you're coming I strongly recommend the Ambhara Hotel in Blok M. At Rp 500,000 for a junior suite (say you're with Mobil, IBM, Santa Fe or some other such company) at a corporate rate it can't be beat. Email at ambbc@cbn.net.id.

Its got a decent pub (Stamford Arms) with a few girls and disco sama-sama (Arios). Its within 100 m of Blok M bars on Faletehan (The Klub, Top Gun, Pentagon, Oscars) and a short 5 minute taxi ride to Lintas Melawai Bar/Disco next to the Melawai Hotel. In the day its an easy walk to Melawai, and you'll want to hit the 6th floor massage parlor. BTW Lintas stays open till about 3-4 AM, and the disco doesn't get going till 1100PM.

During the day go to the Pasaraya Food Court across the street from the Ambhara and you can always pick up some girls for a ST at the hotel. Try the Beer Garden in the basement, but there are a bunch of other places to hang-about and pick-up girls walking around. Always some interesting girls at 5-7 PM as the Japanese Slave Trade girls are readying themselves to go to work in the Karoake joints behind the Melawai Hotel.

Uptown go to BATS, Tiga Puluh, HardRock, JJs, and Tanamur (thats enough to get anyone started). If you are interested in day activities up north, try the Kartika Massage on Hayam Waruk or Tiara Ceria in Lokasari Plaza off Mangga Dua. Stadium is also OK on the weekend days for massage - get the VIP room with the vibrating bed - but doesn't get going until 1600 or so during the week. Never a big fan of the Stadium Disco, which is open 24 hours on Fri and Sat nights.

Jakarta is worth a trip. The girls are much more innocent than you normal Thai BG, sort of like the Thai BGs were like in 1981.

Key security principles include

1. Pay your bill. Protest once if its a ripoff, if that doesn't work ask for the manager. No success, pay it and leave. NEVER GET UPSET OR RAISE YOUR VOICE.

2. Pay the tout (only one) Rp 1000 when getting in a taxi in Blok M late at night. Don't be rude.

3. Don't give offense or take offense. Don't worry about cat calls or 'hey mister' - smile and keep on walking.

4. Remember that everything moves at a different pace here in Jakarta, and it's usually about 20 mph slower than most westerners are used to.

5. Be friendly.

6. I always keep a Silverbird if I'm going uptown (JJs, Tanamur, Tiara Ceria) or others at night.

7. If you're stuck without a cab, have the club (whereever you are) security get you a taxi.

Thats all I can think of for now.

Selamat datang.

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I agree with Maribayaman. Definitely worth a visit and the places he mentioned are all good too. I generally avoid the Hard Rock as I find the girls there more stuck up and the fact that you are going to another part of a giant empire.

JJ's and Tanamur rock, Oscars is allways fun,

Melawai speaks for itself. I would usually do the BATS's, JJ then wind up at good old tanamur. I would keep Melawai and Oscars in reserve when I want to avoid LT's from Tanamur some of them get pretty attached and have threated to smash a glass over my head for playing around. I get the feeling they have done it before too. Those girls from Tanamur seem to be regional to that area so if you need to get away you have the option.

I have list of numbers in Jakarta that I am allways itching to call of the place for free sex but the technicality is that they will be waiting for me when I come home with a ST from Melawai... The girl friend thing there can be more powerful than anywhere else in Asia. I have friends who have even payed chicks to stop coming over and bugging them.

Anyway I am of there again next weekend for work. I was in Cambodia 2 weeks ago then thailand.

If you decide on cambodia definetly do the K11 thing 5 bucks a go .. I had 3 for 12 bucks.

The walkabout is a good starting point. Then move on to Martini's, Sharkys is ok for a game of pool, but Martinis definetly rocks. Martinis has about 5-10 chicks to every guy. Many tourist are scared to go out at night there so the odds are very good.

Anyway drop into Jakarta for a few days and you wont regret it. I always endup escorted to the airport by some chick who makes sure I leave the country. Changing hotels is simple not the answer they always find you.

Happy Hunting

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" Always some interesting girls at 5-7 PM as the Japanese Slave Trade girls are readying themselves to go to work in the Karoake joints behind the Melawai Hotel."



Are you saying that there are Japanese girls working as slaves in the karaoake joints?

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I agree with the précedents posters ,demonstrations in JKT are very concentrated around presidential palace or parlement house,and are,for the moment,not a problem for the sanuker,wherever he goes.

But Marabayaman,what do you think will happen after 1st August,when Wahid will be busted out,and surely will try to stay (my plane ticket to JKT is for the 10,staying one month JKT/Bandung!)

For fellow sanukers looking for something else,i won't recommend the places like BAT's,JJ,Oscar or Tanamur,ghettos for 50's westerners and prostitutes,please check the 'regular' discos like Retro,Lava Lounge (the latest,full of stunners),Jalan Jalan (chinese girls),Millenium or Cinna Bar.

In those places,with a cool attitude,a smile and some drinks,you'll find the prettiest non working girls availables for the night and your fantaisies (indo regular gals are really HOT),nothing to see with the uninspired whores,quiet always average in bed,of Thailand or Cambodgia.

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I didn't mean to emply they're working as slaves. Just a figure of speech some of the boys down here use - sometimes we use 'water trade' or whatever. The several girls I've dated over the years from the Karoake joints have always been free to come/go, although if they miss a night at work they have to pay a rather large fine.

I will also say that the Karoake girls tend to be the better looking of the available girl pool in Blok M (and possibly elsewhere). When you see a Japanese or Korean guy walking around Pasaraya with a 'date' from these joints, she's invariably very cute. A westerner can go into most of the Blok M Karoake joints and you'll see quite a few stunners; price to stay and drink is out of sight, however, so I only go once/twice per year.

A lot of them used to come into Pentagon back in the old days when the Karoake joints closed at 1:30 or so; now a few go to Lintas Melawai but it doesn't seem the same (although Lintas was originally owned by the Pentagon (and Tambora) owner, Karno).

Another advantage of the Kaorake girls is they often don't mingle with the Blok M Regulars, so the chance of being busted by enquiring minds is lessened.

Aug 1 - yeah, there could be trouble as he will likely get impeached and then not go quietly. However, its pretty clear that the military and other security forces are on Mega's side, and as I said I don't think the people here have the appetite for demonstrations. They want to get on with their lives, and get the country out of this economic mess.

[As an aside, I had an interesting discussion with some Indonesian friends last night about the level of corruption in this country. We were lamenting how bad it was, which tends to cause the Westerner (like me) to look down on the Indonesians. I pointed out that corruption in the West still existed (although its better hidden), and that 50/100/150 years ago it was much worse in the West and probably as bad as it is in Indonesia today. It just wasn't as widely reported/communicated - no CNN, BBC, investigative reporters, etc. Indonesia is just 55 years old - where will it be in 100 years? Off my soapbox.]

But will this endanger the sanuker? I don't think so. JJs/Tanamur are safe if you pay your bill and don't get in an argument with the rip-off taxi drivers and touts outside. Thats why I suggest booking a Silverbird and having him standby at those places. You'll have to pay Rp 5000 parking, and maybe Rp 1000 to a tout, but it beats the other taxis.

BATS, Tiga Puluh, Styx, etc in major hotels should be safe.

As for joints like Jalan Jalan, Retro, CJs and the rest - too loud and crowded/difficult to move around, IMO. I also don't like to stand in line to get into a place, like you usually do at Retro and CJs after 1100 or so (ditto for HardRock). I don't find the discos to my liking cause its difficult to talk to the girls, and about the only way to break them free from the invariable group they're in is to ask them to dance (and dancing is more trouble than I want to go to). I prefer the professionals or semi-professionals who go to the places I mentioned in the original post. I will say CJs seems to have about the best band arounds, although Tiga Puluh also does pretty well.

In the end, no right or wrong about where to go, just depends on what you want. Jakarta is a huge city with a variety of nightlife - figure out what you want and go there or try different things.

Anyway, all that's IMHO.


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I was reading this thread with interest and I am wondering costs?????For the average good night sanuking???Hotel,lots of alcohol and of course the ladies? laugh.gif" border="0

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I have been to Styx a few times and most of the time its pretty quiet, although I have been there at times when they had a reasonable (5-10) supply of girls. I guess I'd simply say have a backup plan in mind if you go there, and don't go there before 1030 PM to find any girls.

If you bring a date, they have decent steaks and wine, also, if you want to eat, but pricey. You can eat than then dance when the place gets crowded.

They were having Colombian bands rotate in, and these were pretty good, but not sure of what they now have. Last time I was there was about 3 months ago.

It is at the Park Lane Hotel, on Jl Casablanca. If you're looking for action, better at BATS, Tiga Puluh, and a few of the other joints. Its about 10 minutes down Casablanca from Tiga Puluh/Le Meridien Hotel.

As for prices, the girls from JJs and Lintas Melawai will want 250-300k/night, with the Lintas girls sometimes going for Rp 200k+ taxi, like the Oscars/Top Gun girls.

BATS and Hard Rock girls will likely ask for Rp 400-500k, depending on how late at night it is. It costs them Rp 50k to get in, and drinks are expensive and they probably have to pay off security. If you speak a little Bahasa and act aloof, you should be able to get any of them for Rp 300k. Add Rp 20k for taxi if the service was good. There is a general up-trend in prices, however, with the drop in the Rp and the imminent rise in fuel prices. Next step will likely be to 350k Rp.

[ June 16, 2001: Message edited by: Maribayaman ]

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