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Is Jakarta worth a visit?


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I will be blowing in to town on the 22nd,

I have done the Tanamur, JJ's, Lintas Melawai,Oscars thing to death. Do you know of any other places that fall into a similar Sanuk status ???.

I have done the Jalan-Jalan thing and didn't like it. Especially not the place to go with local business partners the ceweks with not even come close.

Not a big fan of Hard Rock or Bats even though Bats is not a bad start to the night. I just found that most of the Bats girls are more money hungry than other place and you can drink cheap anywhere else in Jakarta.

Apart from 6th Floor Melawai can you mention soem good daytime Sanuk places. I will have Saturday and Sunday to kill. Might drop in for some.

What are you favourite daytime Sanuk places ?

Are there any new clubs in Jakarta worth checking out. You mentioned Tambora, Gee that brings back memories, that place burned down didnt it ? Are there any new equivalents or is Melawai it ?

Is there alot of action around Hotel Ambara ?

I stayed there once but had a LT together with work and didnt have time too explore.

keep up the posts.

Kornak Terus



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I have been to jakart only once, in 2000. I didn't like anything about the place except for krammat tunggkak, that's the huge brothel settlement near the port. may have closed (but they have beeen asying that for years). Found only one stunner among the hundreds -- but she was great.

Tanamur and another place across the street had no tasty talent the night I was there.

Jakarta, according to local English teachers is the place to met 'good girls'. In another large Indonesian city I met a high school dance student who wanted to know my hotel but i was too shy to tell her since I was taking brothel girls there. Very nice young woman -- told me how her mother bashed her around a little and her father didn't approve of her being even a classical dancer.

In general the city looked horrible compared to Bangkok, and not at all walkable like Phnom Penh. At least the muslims there tend to be easier going than those in malaysia.

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I will be doing a sidetrip from BKK to Jakarta in January. Does anyone have any info about sanuk in Surabaya. Sounds a bit exciting.

I was talking to somebody here in NZ and he told me there is a club in Jakartka about 200 metres from monumenta (or similar) that has university girls for overnight company. He said on some nights there could be as many as 1000 girls. he used to manage a table of 10 at the said club.

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The place I would go on weekend days is Tiara Ceria, which is off of Jl Mangga Dua in Kota. Its on the 2nd floor of the Lokasari Plaza parking garage, and it has a lot of ST girls for the massage rooms which are there. It used to be called Today's Country, so you might remember it by that name before Tien Soeharto's gang said all places had to have Indonesian names in 95/96 or so.

ST girls at TC cost Rp 150,000, including the room, although some will want Rp 200,000. A lot of girls, many freelance. You can take them away long-time, but that might cost you 400-500k. Work a deal with one you like, and she'll meet you outside for long-time at Rp 200-250k/night.

Many young (16-18 yr old) girls after school, as there are no standards. I like to sit or stand by the bathroom/massage parlor entrance which is at the base of the stairs as you enter. There are some bar stools and a couple of tables there. The light is best there, and many of the girls go/come from outside past this spot, as well as go to the toilet, so you get a good sampling of the girls that are there.

Lot of girls walking around Lokasari Plaza are also available.

A bunch of girls at Pasaraya and all the malls during the day, especially on the weekends. Make eye contact, ask them to sit down and have a coke. Tell them you want to learn Indonesian, and away you go.

Many other places in this area. Karya Massage (might be Kartika - I always get confused) has a Thai-style body massage. This place is on the first soi after you turn left onto Hayam Waruk off of Jl Mangga Dua. Look down the lousy lane and you'll see the big sign on top of the building. Rp 200,000 or so for a 1-hour massage, if I recall, including the girl. Stadium is along Hayam Waruk about 2-3 sois up from the Karya, again on your left.

A bunch of massage parlors on the sois near Stadium. You can safely walk here during the day, so I would get out and walk along Hayam Waruk up towards Stadium and look down the Sois. You'll see the ones with the MPs. Many of the MPS have the girl's picture under the glass, so you can't talk with them first.

At Stadium and Karya you can talk with them, which is something I insist on to see if there is any attraction at all.

Siera and Bintang Mawar are a couple of all-day MPs near Lokasari plaza.

Many night places in this area - Atlanta Disco, Stadium, etc

As for other places, because of my delicate situation I don't get out too much any more. Hotmen in Menteng II has gone downhill, so I'm told, and the Tavern at the Aryaduta sometimes has some interesting girls.

Lintas Melawai was designed/owned by the Tambora owner, Karno. Thats why the set-up is the same as Tambora. Tambora was closed and then, oddly enough, burnt down.


Can't say what places are next to Monas (monumenta?). Maybe they're thinking about Jln Jaksa, which has a few joints and a lot of the backpacker crowd hangs out. Down in Ancol there are a bunch of girls along the street who'll give you a bj or more in the car. A lot of these type of girls are also hanging-around Blok M streets and Blok M Plaza.


asiahand (great handle, btw):

Desparados at the Shangri-La in Surabaya is a great pick-up joint at night. Jl Dolly which is around the corner (about 2-3 km) from the Shangri-La has about, say, 150 massage parlors where the girls sit on benchs and you pick out what you want. Probably 2-3000 girls there! Doesn't get going till about 8:30 PM, however. Always be nice and pay your bill here, by the way. Don't get in any arguments with drunk Indonesians - just smile and be nice.

A few other places around Surabaya - mostly discos and massage parlors. Ask a taxi driver - they can usually find what you want.

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Thanks for all the excellent info in this thread. Currently planning my return to Jakarta after an agonising 9 months since my first proper visit. As I'm not on 'business' this time I need a cheap half-decent hotel and as I found Blok M and the Lintas Melawai disco place rather entertaining, I was wondering about the Hotel Melawai as a base. Any comments?

I would also like to take the train to Bandung for a few days and believe there is a decent little freelance scene there. Is it easy enough to navigate for the non-Bhasa speaking novice?


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For Bandung,you'll easily take a train at the Gambir Station in JKT,and take the 'Argodede'(twice a day,faster) or 'Parahyangan'(almost every hour),buying a ticket in Gambir is really easy,but queue often long.

In Bandung,start with North Sea Bar,on Jalan Braga,then Caesar Disco and Karaoke next door,the 'upmarket' place of Bandung with Planet 2001 Disco and Karaoke.

Fun Pub in Sheraton is also worth a visit on week ends,good band and full of freelancers.

(i'll be in Bandung 16/24 August,and then JKT three weeks..)



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Thanks for the info. I will definitely be down at Tiara Ceria on Saturday Arvo to check out the scenery. Might ever dabble into a few different Discos this time. Is the Atlanta disco the same disco that was a real tripper joint around 4-5 years ago. I remember rolling up there at around 6.00am one night with a few buddies and everyone was moving their head side to side E'ing of their brain. Maybe the place has changed ?

I was reading a post in worldsexguide.com in the Indonesian section. A guys said he had just walked down to the end Jaksa crossed Thamrin near McD's walks a couple of km's and finds disco's along the railwaylines. Does this place exist or what ??

The excert follows ..


. Back to the McD at Jl. Wahid Hashim. Cross Jl. Thamrin and walk (approx. 15-20 min.) until the end of the road. There you'll find a huge market. Follow the main road inside (beware, it'll be very crowded, but no worries mate) and you'll find women all the way to the local railway station. They're sitting or standing near to the roadside at little roadside stalls selling drinks. They are catering to the local common man, so they are dirt-cheap. There are a few small hotels catering for them and them alone, but they will also follow you back to your hotel. You can find women of every age there, from very ugly to very pretty. They are there all day long, but after nightfall you can find hundreds of them hanging around the place. Like with most street hookers in Indonesia, they hardly speak any English, but they do understand any sex language! As with all whores, bring a condom. From the market you can go down the railway tracks (always a great place to find cheap women in Indonesia). Lots of poor people live there, and any woman you see can be fucked for a couple of dollars for a short time. There's a huge open-air brothel with discos (well). Also hundreds of girls hanging around there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take your pick


I know that area is dodgey. It seems it would be an interesting daytime mission though.

Maribayaman do you know about the area this guy is talking about ?

Can I walk to Siera and Bintang Mawar from TC's or maybe do the Silver Bird thing like you do ?

Any extra info is always welcome. Anyway I think I have enough for the couple of weekends I have available.

BTW A couple of indo chicks on that excite personals have been spamming me with photo's and one is quite cute. I dont know if these kind girls would be a waste of my limited time in Jakarta. They have real jobs but so do some of the girls at Tanamour. Just dont want to wast my time on a date that goes no where. What is your opinion ? I thought a quiet dinner, pull the old tired routine if she doesn't follow, blaze out on the town alone.


Long Gun

Definitely do the Bandung visit. I would just overnight Bandung do the North Sea thingy and a couple of disco's. There is one around the corner from the Hotel Surabaya that is pretty sleezy. Actually, if you luck out at other venues this strip is full of eager women after 2am. The ones that dont score just hang out in the warungs.

After Bandung head for Cicaheim station and head for Pangendaran Beach .. 8 hours of hell getting there if you survive the near head on crazy bus drivers.

Once you get there Chick arama .. also great seafood to boot. Always heaps of chicks wanting to sleep with you for a plate of nasi goreng. Only problem is that being a small town trying to change women can be very messy. Never whatever you do take a chick from Bandung there as you will kick yourself later. Most of the girls from Bandung go to Pangandaran for R&R anyway.

A bit of beach life never hurt anyone.

Pangadaran really is one of the best kept Indo secrets for free Sanuk. Only do it if you have 7 days to spare as the bus trip takes its toll...


Have Fun


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Been following this thread with interest as I plan to be in Java the first week of September doing Jakarta, Bandung and Yogya. Anyone have any tips on Yogya?

And slightly off-topic, is there a tailoring industry as in BKK. If yes, can anyone recommend one?

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Originally posted by Sonny:

Been following this thread with interest as I plan to be in Java the first week of September doing Jakarta, Bandung and Yogya. Anyone have any tips on Yogya?

And slightly off-topic, is there a tailoring industry as in BKK. If yes, can anyone recommend one?

Yes there is, but I think you might find the offerings in Bangkok more user freindly. I use a tailor in Pasar Senin, and he can make a pretty damn good shirt for $5 if you bring in your own fabric. The problem is that he doesn't speak a word of English except for "gossip" which he reckons is a Javanese word, and your clothes have to be washed when he is done because they smell of kretek exhaust. If your still interested I think the name is Chi Chi tailor @ pasar senin. Quality is not upermost in the mind of any vendor who expects never to see you again. Unless any one here has a specific recommndation I would say have your tailoring done in Bangkok.

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Gado Gado

<Padagaran is one of the best kept secret in Indo for free sanuk>

..Could be true,if you like ugly chickens farm and smelly durty pussies.Seriously,could someone imagine a clean gal selling herself for a bit of rice or a bottle of coke,like this guy on Worldsexguide pretends.Those gals are some of the ugliest and durtiest drugged prostitutes in Asia,making up to 30 indo customers a day

I agree JKT has some of the prettiest and most sophisticated gals in SEA to score,if you stick to the 'good' or 'upmarket' places(disco,cafe),where there are no prostitutes and no money involved in relationships,even for one night.That is what makes Indonesia so special.

Behind this,i find the girls sticking to the expats joints like Block M area,Tanamur,Bat's or Hard Rock not so good looking, not so cleans(most of them never heard of condom) and very poors and desesperates.

Last thing,remember Indonesia is,as a muslim country,one of the favorite sex destination -maybe THE favorite- of arabic people),and you strongly feel it in the places recommended by precedents posters.

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