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Cocktails in go go bars


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Pedro's? You don't mean the neon joint on Sukhumvit between 21 & 23 do you. It is a dumpy whorehouse basically. Must be a different place. High end cigars and top shelf alcohol can all be had at higher range hotels.


Dusit Thani, Oriental, etcetera. YMMV drastically with getting dumpy cigars from go go bars. Better to go to Pacific Liquor and get a hand rolled cuban (not the ones in tubes).


The drinks are VERY not stiff at most bars with the exception of a few WS joints. Being in San Francisco has reminded me that while the cocktails are more expensive they sure have a lot more juice in them... :drunk:





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I liked the Habana room at the Oriental, Cuban smokes and rum! Nice atmosphere as well.


Yes, That Pedros. When it opened, it was *SUPOSED* to have been more of an up scale place, was there the first week. No ideas now, as I tend to think it went south fast. The prices were high, the girls just o.k., the place was nice when it opened though.

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