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Mobile with capable camera?


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I m in the market for a new mobile phone. I am specifically after one which has a camera with the capability to take decent photos in low light, meaning at night or in a darkish room. Now I know enough about photography to realise that this is a big ask. Can anyone recommend such a camera? I would prefer something which is smallish, I tend to prefer Nokia, and hopefully the price would be under 10,000 baht, though would be happy enough to go to 12,000 baht.


Any recommendations?




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sony ericsson W810i, I sent u a mail to tell u more.

Apart from the nokia N72 the others do not worth it

(and are far more expensive)


IME as I take a drink everyday with some sellers from a very well known mobile phone sellers chain.

(known in my country at least)

So when they say this very expensive mobile is a piece of crap then I listen.


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K 800 does not have a nice navigation button....

Here w810i is actually (in my country) 12k bht

k800i is 18k bht.

advantages of k800i on w810i is:

- camera 3.2 megapixels

- 3G phone (third generation)



- heavier

- bigger

-less autonomy

- navigation button more delicate to use.

other features are the same.


In the same league there is also the nokia N72

(N80 and 90 are crap)

but with less autonomy than the w810i and less functions and the camera has less options.


(this info comes from a big mobile dealer friend)


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appreciate your info, but I got to add:


megapixels has nothing or little to do with picture 'quality' whereas the main difference k800/k790 vs. previous/lower SE phones is the introduction of Sony's 'cyber shot' technology enhancing the camera quite a bit also in the requested 'dark' rooms!


take my word for it as I've tried all those camera phones & can notice a major step up when I see it in the newer phones ;)


more info search 'cyber shot' either at sony or sony ericsson


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I know several people who have the Nokia 6280 and they are all very pleased with it. It fits your specs.


Actually, one of them is thinking of trading it in for an N72 or N73 and would be happy to sell the 6280 to you. It's about 2 months old, has a 1GB memory card. I can also e-mail you a sample of some of the pics it has taken.


E-mail or call if you're interested in seeing it.

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my sony ericcson w810i was sold with a usb cable

and the installation cd software.


Now I have more than 9 hours of videos on my computer and hundreds of photos.

Also do not forget that with the integrated memory stick (512 mb or 1gb or 2gb) you have plenty of space on your mobile.


Yes the latest nokia and sony ericcson K800i are equipped with a camera having the cybershot and usually 3.2 megapixels.


These mobile-mp3-camera are far more expensive than my prefered mobile and I feel the price does not refect a far better quality.

(have one w810i, one n72 and one k800i and I still stick to the w810i)


in the nokia, the N72 is still recommended to me by my friend for people wanting nokia.

(although he is a professional mobile dealer he too only swears by the sony w810i)


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