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I ventured down soi 22 a fews days ago and was surprised to see how it has developed over the last year. It's worth a visit. It aint Nana or Cowboy but it was a nice change of pace.


I agree with Roger_Baby's observations on Sukhumvit 22 (Bangkok).

For some reason I can't quite explain, whenever I go there, everybody seems more friendly, more relaxed, and, yes, more polite, than in other areas of Bangkok.


Never crowded.

Never too noisy.

Never been scammed on check-bin.

Never seen or heard about any pickpockets.


Never any drunken British yobs.

Never any drunken 'Strine louts.

Never any drunken American whatevers.

Never any "street-tough" ladyboys.

Can go months without even one fight.

Even the children selling middle-aged roses are polite.


Lots of little bars, lots of little restaurants.

My vote for the best breakfast in Bangkok goes to the "Cafe 22" bar.

But soi 22 has no go-gos, just beer bars and lots of "oil massage" shops.

Take-away is available from the oil massage shops if anyone strikes your fancy.

Bar fines average a bit lower than other entertainment areas.

But the girls' ages average a bit higher.

Rare to find any first-class stunners in soi 22.

And none of the freelancer scene such as at The Bier Garden in soi 7 or The Nana Parking lot.

And no good hamburger that might compare to "The Big Mango" in Nana.


All that said, for the mature man, who likes his pleasures on the calm side, soi 22 is worth a look in.


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It's interesting how the nightlife scene has expanded so much in Bangkok and particularly on Sukhumvit notwithstanding the NSO and "zoning". Soi 22 certainly does offer much more than it did five or so years ago. About six to eight months back, during a period when early closing times were strictly enforced elsewhere, a NEP BG led me to a bar that didn't seem to have a closing time. I had a great evening, but suffered tremendously the next day.


The other area I find very interesting is Sukhumvit opposite of Nana, particularly Soi 1 and the area between Soi 5 and Soi 11. This area is also changing rapidly. At one of the spectrum, you have places such as Q Bar and Bed, and on other, the beer garden and street side bars. You have daytime and late afternoon venues (the beer garden and some of the places on Soi 7/1), you have good night clubs like Q Bar (which unfortunately still has to close relatively early) and less obvious clubs that don't seem to have any closing time at all.


The area is an easy stumble from NEP, and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

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I'd have to agree with this. I've had some nice relaxed nights in the newer Soi 22 beer bars and enclosed AC bars in that area. Also like Wash Sq bars for an afternoon or early evening beer and meet with friends. No pressure, fun places, some interesting places and bar owners and denizens. Also had luck getting drinks there very late when the crack-down was being ewnforced a few months back like Gadfly states. Flaming Moe's is an interesting smaller bar with AC, decent drinks and beers, a pool table, and a nice guy that owns it (from Chi Town I believe it was said). Check out the area, it has its surprises. Some cute ladies around there as well if you look around some. There are also some nice little restaurants on the 22. One I like has great Northern Thai foods, some nice spicey larp and nam prik, and a chicken dish that I love. Can't remember the name of it off hand. If I remember I'll post it here later. Good food and atmosphere in a small hole in the wall place.





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You'll have to give me the run-down some day DS. Not a part of BKK I visit.......unless of course it's where there is this fantastic vegetarian restaurant called Gavindis about 100 m RHS. Been there a few times. Come to think of it I did notice a lot of ladies loitering around. Maybe this is Soi 22. :dunno:

PS I believe you have a few quite weekneds coming up. No games in Melbourne. :neener::neener::neener: Go the Swannies. :yay::yay::yay:

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bust, be happy to mate, no problems.

Dunno about vego eating establishments....not on my radar...... I'll stick to meat & Oysters :grinyes::grinyes:


My visits are becoming much more frequent lately and I can't see that easing in the foreseeable future, unless I change direction totally and start teaching English...lol... :dunno:


I could start a new trend and be the Fat farang with a Som Tum pram !!! Or maybe buy a Family Mart, an idea that has already been suggested to me, by you know who!!!


Quiet weekends....nah !!! The cricket starts soon...lol.. Feel for me..."My" demons went from third to seventh.....same same every year !! :dunno:


Good luck to your Nok yai....think you'll need it, but stranger things have happened.


Let me know your planned timings by PT & we can plan an "Attack" on yee sip song in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

Titanium brings back good memories and the Salsa Bar on Soi 20 (Crystal Lounge)is a "must'...great cocktails and a ride in the "infamous" gay Tuk Tuk....just has to be done.

Be warned though....if you're a shy, retiring type like me...it can be a Tad embarrassing...lol...


Cheers DS :beer:

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Yeh go the swans. In the top 5 and in the finals I believe.


Yes my hide out is out. My fav hotel is down Soi 22. The hotel it self has a bar with pool tables, internet, food, nice relaxing couches and the BGs are pleasing to the eye. BF 500B and LT 2000B, worth every cent. Soi 22 has everything. Walking distance to Soi 33 for a bit of class or cowboy for a bit in your face stuff.


Washington square is off Soi 22. Also in the same place one can find some good massage joints. 400 B for 3 hrs. 200 B for extra. Girls are OK. Mainly for Thai customers, but they let me in.


Yes some bars are open after closing with only a small light and the music turned down. Still the girls are active and friendly. Handy when all the Aus flights arrive at 11PM



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fantastic vegetarian restaurant called Gavindis about 100 m RHS. Been there a few times. Come to think of it I did notice a lot of ladies loitering around. Maybe this is Soi 22.


Yes, Govinda's in tucked into a small cluster of activity near the start of Sukhumvit 22, behind Larry's Dive.

Also behind Larry's, almost next to Govinda's, is Tina Bar, apparently offering similar diddling services to Toy bar in Cowboy.


Between Govinda's and Tina Bar there are short-time rooms at Pelican Inn bar.

Clean, quiet, private.

Rate about 500 baht: Not the cheapest, but very nice rooms.

And delicious food at Pelican Inn, if you are hungry.


Closer to the head of the soi there is Titanium, a new, glitzy, disco, with thump-thump music and pretty girls waiting outside, but I've never been inside.


From Larry's Dive, going South there is a wide variety of friendly bars and small massage shops.

The main cluster of bars is in the middle of the soi, just South of Regency Park hotel.

The name is Queen's Park Plaza.

The entertainment activity peters out around the Admiral Suites hotel.


There is a short-time hotel, Hotel 27, in the area.

Convenient, but I've never been inside.

Looks quite dilapidated from the outside.


Be aware there are several Japanese bars in the vicinity, where Caucasians are normally not welcome.

However, the BGs in those bars are generally young, slender, and very pretty.

Or, I can say, the ones sitting out front are.

There is one Japanese Karaoke that actually welcomes Western men.

I have been in there (one time), and received a warm welcome.

It is "IQ Karaoke", located within the Queen's Park Plaza bar area, South side, very close to the Internet shop.

From the street, IQ Karaoke is about 20 meters behind Family Mart and the Pharmacy.

They have a pool table.


Finally, across the street from that Family Mart and Pharmacy, there is a small massage shop, "Asia Health Massage".

It looks like an ordinary massage shop.

However, they have a full-time mamasan working there every night.

What does that tell you?

And, at times, there are some cute and eager girls in there.

Just no stunners.

Oil massage is available on premises.

Some of the girls -- the prettier ones -- do go off.

The "bar fine" is typically the price of a one-hour oil massage: 400 baht as of this writing.


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