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We need more stories . . .


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Sorry that the LAOTIAN TWINS did not meet up to everyones expectations. But it was indeed a true Bangkok story.


On our early trips, money was tight. Myself and friend would share one room - two beds. Then off hunting for action. We mostly picked gals who knew each other and/or were friends. It made for better time back at hotel. And no, never any kinky stuff. Each to his own. But I never laughed so much in my entire life. Just about every aspect had a humorous note from fighting over the towels to not enough soap. And I rarely crack a smile. Just about all aspects ended up humorous.


These trips were long before 7-11 stores. One morning my friend had a terrible hangover and all he could drink was the red FANTA soda. He sent me out for a bottle. I found a little stand on one street corner where all the guy sold was soda in bottles. I asked to purchase a couple to take away. No, he refused. The empty bottle had to stay with him. So off I go, with a clear plastic sandwich bag with the red soda in it. Gotta love this country!


We traveled around to different hotels from the first night (I have no idea where) to the Centre Hotel near the train station and then onto the Imperal Hotel somewhere near the emabssy.


I always remember the first hotel clerk stating "too many people, one room". But alas, we won out and got the one room with four people.


We need more stories here. There are tons of anecdotes associated with ones visits to LOS - Thailand.


Everyone . . . has some story to tell about the life and times of beautiful Thailand.

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