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UK TV is to show a show soon which People have voted for the best Foreign Footballer to play in the Premier League.


without knowing the result i have picked my top 5 Players in no particular order.








what are your choices Guys?........


i will post the result after the show.

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Di Canio by a mile. If he wasn't so good at pissing people off, he would have been the Italian Maradona.

Crap, the guy had no self control. Was an excellent player at times but not consistent. Frankly not fit to lace Bergkamps boots.


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in reply to CS in the right thread.

i can't believe that he still doesn't know when i'm taking the piss,he takes himself so seriously at times.

he is not on my ignore list,i just choose not to answer him.


and yes Henry is one of my top 5 Players but comparing his goalscoring record to Cantona's is way off the mark.

Cantona was never a Striker and could never be classed as prolific in front of Goal.


the point of the best Foreigners is not who scores goals but rather what they bought to the game.

Cantona was the catalyst at MU at the time and will in the top 5 of the list ....guaranteed.

Zola never won titles at Chelsea but ask the supporters what they think of him.


ok,off topic.

Gary Neville is one of only 8 MU Players to play over 500 Games for the Club.

scored less then 5 Goals in that time,so does that make him a lesser Player then someone who has scored 200 Goals?.

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Of course Sayjann...the real experts like us know damn well that football isn't about scoring goals only.


The left back is just as valuable as the striker.


Just think about the fuck ups one's allowed to make. A striker can make quite a few since the consequences are small compared to those defending the goal.


I agree...it's what they bring to the game.

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the top 10...........


10-Di Canio











no surprise that Henry topped the list after votes from over 1.5 Million People.

a good servant for Arsenal and awarded the top spot bâ?¬cause of his Goalscoring record.

taking nothing away from the Guy but i think he is there because of the Goals.


Goalscoring is the glamour side of the game and People remember Goals.

People hardly remember the great tackles or performances by non Defenders.

look at thâ?¬ others in thâ?¬ top 10 and while great Players,not exactly prolific scorers


well i picked 4 of the top 5 correctly and if i thought that Players from thâ?¬ ROI were to be included then i would have included Keano.


and 3 MU Players in thâ?¬ top 5.........not bad.

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I think Henry wins it on merit. As I stated in another thread. A couple years ago he won the Golden Boot AND broke the season assist record. He was responsible for almost 50 odd goals. Support strikers like Bergkamp have a high number of assists obviously, same with midfielders who put in crosses or center mids who feed attackers. But Henry has routinely done both. He is always doing both and have been consistently. Throw in the fact he is arguably the most exciting player to watch. I've seen loads of clips of Cantona in his pomp, and I've been fortunate to see Zola and Bergkamp and as a keeper Schmeichel was immense but Henry has too many aspects to being a complete footballer to leave him off the top of the list.

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i have no problem with Henry being top because he has done it Season in-Season out,but i still think that being a Forward is more exciting to a voting public then a Defender.


but a complete Player?,yes he probably is but i can think of a much more complete Player.

Peter Schmeichel.......... :worship:

he has saved Penalties,acted as a sweeper,made tackles in Midfield,caused havoc in the opponents penalty box AND scored GOALS...... :yay:

and not the only Goalie to have that CV.


can Henry say he has done all that?.......


yeah i know i'm know i'm being a bit silly with the comparision,but it is true.


i can't recall ever seeing Henry play in the flesh.

but the best Player i ever saw in person was Cantona.

many times he would be total shite in games for a long spell (European games were his downfall)but when he felt like it he was awesome.

the Season he returned from his long ban was incredible.

he went on a run of about 14 games in a row when he scored the winnng Goal and won the PL for MU that Season.

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