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Thai Food Can Help Prevent Cancer


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Planet Holiday..

If you are a Thai food lover you're sure to know Tom Yum Gung soup, one of Thailand's most favorite dishes. Tom Yum Gung is a shrimp soup with herbal ingredients such as coriander, lemon grass, lime leaves and galangal roots. It can be also served with straw mushrooms and chilies, and is sometimes called hot-and-sour soup because of its savory and spicy favor. A recent joint study by Thailand's Kasetsart University and Japan's Kyoto and Kinki Universities has found that the ingredients in Tom Yum Gung soup are 100 times more effective in inhibiting cancerous tumour growth than other foods. This may be one of the reasons why the ratio of cancer in Southeast Asians is very low compared to Western countries. You can witness the delicacies of Thai cuisine in any of Thailand's many fine restaurants or you can take a Thai cooking course in some of the better hotels in Thailand.

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Originally posted by Showtime:
ingredients in Tom Yum Gung soup are 100 times more effective in inhibiting cancerous tumour growth than other foods. .

This is from the BBC site, I guess it sort of cotradicts the above:

High levels of potentially cancer causing chemicals have been found in some soy sauce products.

The affected products are imported from Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and mostly sold in shops specialising in oriental foods.

Full story here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/health/newsid_1399000/1399042.stm



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If Tom Yam Gung has such wonderful anti-cancer properties, how come that cancer is the number two or number three killer in Thailand? (I checked various websites, some say #2, others #3.)

Though Thai women have a very low rate of breast cancer, the women in Khon Kaen have the highest rate of liver cancer in the world (among women).

Some more research on the web would surely show that the cancer situation in Thailand is not as good as those fabulous anti-cancer properties of Tom Yang Gung would like to suggest.

At the moment hardly a day passes without one or the other foodstuff being discovered as a panacea for various diseases. The other day, one particular study suddenly elevated coffee to the status of a health-drink.

I would take all these kind of claims with a large pinch of salt.

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Re: Soy Sauce being carcinogenic

See also: Today's Times, front page and page 5.

Check out: www.foodstandards.gov.uk

In brief, 25% of samples of Soy Sauce tested have been found to contain chemicals linked to liver cancer. The samples came from specialist shops and originated in Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The chemical is 3-MCPD. Of those that contained that chemical 66% also contained 1,3-DCP which is a DNA distorting chemical. This last one is even more carcinogenic and should not be used in food at all.

Two teaspoons per day of the relevant sauce would exceed European safety limits by up to 20 times for a woman, 10 times for a man.

The highest levels of chemicals were found in samples of Golden Mountain products imported from Thailand. Included both soya bean sauce and seasoning sauce.


The FSA website lists a number of other sauces for those interested to explore the issue further.

Err, that's food for thought. As if it wasn't bad enough with Aids, herpes, knife wielding katoeys, rabid soi dogs, skin cancer, dangerous and defective pavements, now even the ferkin sauce has to get in on the act.

Infamy, infamy! They've all got it infamy!

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Love the new sig....... Carry on Film? ...Yes?

Distressing news, I love soy sauce. Still I haven't been able to take these food scares seriously since the Americans banned sacharin.

I read with horror that laboratory mice, when injected with sacharin, developed cancer. It got laughable when the correlation between doses showed that humans would have to eat ten (10) tons a year to get the same dose.

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What about in "Carry on up the Khyber" when they are talking about the ladies from hell (The Scots with kilts) I can't remember the exact wording but it's my favourite.

Getting a bit off thread here I think..... maybe we should start a new thread.

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