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America has now killed more Iraqis than Saddam did


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'america first' / 'ethnocentric' is a common belief here in rural america.

Coeur de Alene, Idaho conservatives are every where.


'In my experience' MOST americans:


1. have never been out side the us.. most cannot find europe on a map.

2. feel non-americans are sub-american

3. believe in virgin birth

4. prefer freedom fries.


I think you give the average american more credit than they have earned.



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This is utter bullshit! The USA is in between Mexico and that other country on top...where they speak "funny" English, and play hockey...Brasil had only a monor role in the U.S. civil war, however, Mexico and France played a major role...


Ever here of "Cinco de Mayo?" (5th of May) this is when the Mexicans defeated the French in "the Guerra de Pueblo" (war of the village or war of the people) and sent the French packing...had the French won, they would have backed the Southern/Rebel /confederate troops in their quest was cessation from the union...thus, the out come might have been different...


Brazil was just a major staging area for trade and slave distribution etc...Hope this helps to dispell the myth of Americans knowing nothing about world history and events...

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