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US general says Rumsfeld is inspired by God


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IMHO, the dopy christians have FUed big time.


their beliefs are none of my bees wax .. til they start determining what is taught in school, medical treatments available and directing policy involving sovergnity.


I would never dis a persons PERSONIAL beleifs ..

I have every right to dis a radical political movement.


a christian was 'hell & brimstone'ing on soi 5 one evening as I was trucking home from B'grad, cutting through by the Grace ..

I stood next to him & did my best sunday evangelical radical pulpet-ter .. louder than he.


he would pause & so would I .. he would start & I would again attenuate my volumne to drown him out.


I had just gotten a T injection & might have been a little more beligerant than usual .. he had a punk boy partner who was eye ballin me .. LOL.


F abunch of christians!

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