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South Park lampoons Irwin


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I recall Irwin making a Fed Express commercial, where in he got bit by some poisonous snake, and said he wasn't worried as the anti venonm had been shipped FED EX...then when he find out they used a different currier, he panicked and passed out...seems he had a sense of humor about it all...non the less, South Park does go over the top quite a bit...

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'what's wrong with the creators'....?


nothing much i imagine.

they are in the business of satire and have done it for Years.

they have lampooned international figures for Years and not many complaints from people here.

their piss-taking is in a fun sort of way,nothing nasty.


i don't remember many folks here moaning when they took the piss out of Saddam or Tom Cruise.


i understand that the depiction of someone who has just died may be seen as a little sick,but it can beeen seen as some sort of tribute.

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