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Good dental work in BKK?


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I'm about to book at Bumrungrad dental. All I need is a dental exam but I probably will need some deep cleaning from a periodontist. I'm booking at Bumrungrad because it's close to where I'm staying and I am getting my blood work and disease screenings done there. I've checked all over and I think Bumrungrad has extremely competitive rates plus brand new equipment. Has anyone had any negative experiences with Bumrungrad dental? Anyone get laser whitening done there also? How about their nitrous oxide?

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There should be a permanent link to this question. Think I have posted these details about a dozen times.


Seems like Thantakit charges twice the going rate for cleanings and periodontic work. For example' date=' a deep cleaning costs about 1600-2000 quadrant from everywhere else I've looked but costs 4000 per quadrant there. Is it that much better than the others?


You might find this link useful:



I had exstensive dental work done over 2 years ago. Made a number of appointments before I arrived in BKK and Chiang Mai. Did my research and your right they are considerably dearer but the level of comfortability I found with them was the deciding factor. Money was not the first concern. I have never had a problem with any of their work. I have however heard some nasty stories from a couple of other well known establishments. Never heard a bad report about Thantakit and know quiet a few who have been there.

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Being British I have one of the traits that we are renowned for, Terrible Teeth, so at the turn of the year I decided to do something about it once and for all.


Using a place called PRD Dental Clinic on Chula 42, its a private clinic run by Dr Pirasut Rodanant who was at University of Western Australia the same same as my wifes cousin, and his wife who is also a Dentist.


I wont list the amount of work I am having done since it takes up three sheets of A4 paper, and I have probably spent about 20 hours in his chair so far. The only part that I have found uncomfortable so far was when I had the gum relieved on my upper incisors, the 5 root canals were relatively a pleasure compared to that.


I probably have another 40 hours to spend in the chair, and I cannot wait until I get the implants for my Molars, more expensive than removable false teeth but at least I won't choke on them going to bed drunk.


Dr Pirasut has been taking photographs on each of my visits, once work is complete I will get a copy and post them here. I warn you, the first picture before any work was started makes the image on Thai Cigarette packets look like healthy teeth.

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Dental Hospital' date=' Sukhumvit Soi 49, the best (and almost most expensive) dental care in Thailand[/quote']


Agree, 100%! This is the best and I am going there since 1997.Lots of foreigners and nice

staff, except for the old dental cleaning lady on the 3rd Floor. She is brutal...


What is it with her?


I have been going to the Dental Clinic for about as long as you, and, I must admit, I am thinking of changing for three reasons:


1. Getting your teeth cleaned at DC49 is damn painful.


2. I am beginning to suspect something is up when they always find something to do besides the cleaning.


3. Every trip, every trip, I get the hard sell for a dental implant which is actually cheaper in the US and I don't feel I really need anyway.


I appreciate this thread as I am looking for an alternative to DC49.


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