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Mc Tavish Of the Glen Chapter 7


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Chapter 7 Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.



At about midday Laph begin to stir. Sitting on the edge of the bed holding his head, Laph felt like a mule had kicked him and his mouth felt like the bottom of a budgie cage.

He rose gingerly and checked under the sheets just in case one of those Katoeyâ??s might be there, as Laph had night mares about Agnes having a plonker. He also dreamt that he was being held by the legs hanging upside down across the bar at Casanovas, with all the Katoeys whacking him with their plonker's. Laph shook his head and thought, I got to get out of here itâ??s the den of depravity. Laph could feel how easy he could be sucked into the void. There was something about this country that excited Laph and it wasnâ??t just the beautiful women. It was the general atmosphere of relaxation that the Thai culture reflected.


Laph staggered off to the kitchen still in his clothes from the night before, locating a can of coke amongst the beer and half eaten take away noodles. Sitting at the kitchen table he felt some relief as he finished off his coke in large gulps. Pet walked in the apartment with some shopping. â??Sawadi don chow (good morning) Knun Laphâ? said Pet bowing a little as she past Laph. â??Mai Sabai naâ? asked Pet. â??er excuse me Pet?â? said Laph. â??Sorry Laph I speak Thai, you not feel well Laph?â? said Pet. â?? Aye a bit too much to drink last night Pet and I usually donâ??t indulge that muchâ? Laph explained. â??No Problem I give you something to make you feel better and I boxing Doug for getting you drunkâ? Pet said.


Pet extracted a couple of small brown bottles from the fridge. A glass of ice and she poured in two â??Marshal 150â? bottles. She gave it to Laph, â??Drink this it will make you fell better and I will make you some breakfastâ? said Pet. Laph took a couple of sips , it was similar to Red Bull, very sweet but refreshing. Pet set about preparing something on the stove. In no time a bowl of Kao Tom Gai (chicken rice soup) was put in front of Laph. He had never had soup for breakfast before but it looked good and smelt delicious. It had rice, small pieces of chicken in broth with deep fried onion and chopped shallots on top. Laph tucked in, it tasted fantastic.


Doug emerged from the bedroom in his jocks lighting a cigarette. Laph stared at Doug, he resembled a skeleton with the skin stretched over. â??Put some clothes on Doug you make Knun Laph scareâ? said Pet. Doug went back to the bedroom and came out wearing Pets floral dressing gown. This startled Laph more than when Doug was half naked, as he was still a bit gun shy re men dressed up as ladies. â??I see the missus has got you sortedâ? said Doug. â??Yes it was very good and I feel just about human againâ? said Laph. â??Doug I was thinking, I might pack up and seek out the Chao Phraya River for some fishingâ? Laph explained. â??All ya will catch there big man is a dead soi dogâ? laughed Doug. â??Well itâ??s just that I donâ??t think this style of life is really for meâ? said Laph. â??Listen Laph what about we take it easy today and we will go and have lunch at a Irish pub, get you on the straight and narrow, then you can make your decision , plus you will meet a couple of my expat matesâ? Doug said. â??Ok Doug but my mind is made up, I thinkâ? replied Laph.


They showered and dressed. Laph again in the Mc Levies and a new flannelette shirt. â??Listen here McTavish we have to change your dress, youâ??ll get the piss taken otherwiseâ? Doug explained. â??What do ya meanâ? said Laph looking a little hurt. â??Well ya stand out like dogs balls in the moonlight as a first timer, we will go down the road and get you fitted outâ? Doug said. Laph wasnâ??t too sure about this as his budget was limited and he didnâ??t want to be spending money on expensive clothes.


Doug and Laph caught a taxi down to Soi 22 and pulled up outside a tailor shop. They entered the shop with a bell ringing as they closed the door. Laph welcomed the cool air conditioning as he looked around at the different coloured rolls of cloth. An Indian Sikh wearing a black turban rushed towards them, â??Welcome welcome sir!â? said the Sikh rubbing his hands. â??â?ÂWe need some good clothes for the big man hereâ? said Doug. â??Oh yes sir we have the very best here, this is number one shop, Iâ??m telling you sir, I have very best material, very best, Im telling you sir, cotton from Egypt, wool from Australia, the very best sir!â? the grovelling Indian explained. â??Listen Babboo just cut the shit and get Mc Tavish here a nice pair of pants and a shirt off the rackâ? Doug said. The Indian tailor fired off instructions to a small Thai man who was quietly standing at the back of the shop. A great array of slacks, shirts and pairs of shoes were brought out. The tailor took one look at Laphâ??s hiking boots and decided that shoes were number one on the shopping list.


After some time getting the right size Laph stood there in dark brown slacks with light checked shirt and tan leather shoes. It proved the theory wrong that you canâ??t make a silk purse out of a pigâ??s ear! Laph looked the part. â??Listen Doug this is all great but I have a tight budget and this lot I cant affordâ? explained Laph. â??Take it easy Mc Tavish wait till ya hear the priceâ? said Doug. â??Maybe sir would like 3 more shirts and some different coloured slacks, I make very good and quick, they be ready tomorrowâ? said the tailor rubbing his hands furiously. â??Just give us the price on this lot and the lowest price ok?â? said Doug. â??Yes yes sirâ? replied the tailor as he quickly tapped the calculator. â??6500 baht sir, this very special price for you sirâ? said the tailor. â?? Ya dreaming ya elephant ridin thief , get the clothes off Laph were out of hereâ? said Doug. Laph though the price was quite reasonable it would have cost double that in Scotland. â??Ok ok sir , you give me 5000 baht, this very good price for youâ? said the Tailor. â??Give you 4000 baht ya thieving curry muncherâ? said Doug. â??Oh sir I can not, I not make money, Oh sir please I have a big family and have many school billsâ? whined the tailor. â?? Well you shouldnâ??t shagged so much ya dirty devil, I give 4500 baht and not a penny moreâ? said Doug. The Tailor madly tapped his calculator, emulating someone who was working out the GNP of the UK, all show as the tailor new exactly his cut off point. â??Ok Ok I give you this price, but I make no money, I do this because I like English man and you come back again sirâ? pleaded the tailor. â??Yer right, maybe youâ??ll tell the truth when your head stops wobblingâ? said Doug under his breath.


Laph stayed in the new clothes and the tailor packed his old attire in a brown bag. â??Thank you sir, thank you, you come back again. They stepped outside, â??Cut ole Baboo down to size, hay Mc Tavish?â? said Doug proudly. â??Aye that ya did, ya got good price worthy of any Scotchmanâ? Laph said, happy with his bargain. The Tailor closed the door and grinned, another successful sale with a healthy profit, he thought, â??I should be in Bollywood, I am a good actor no?â? he asked the Thai assistant. You should be jail you big lizardâ? thought the Thai assistant as he retreated to the back of the store.


Laph and Doug set off to Washington square, an old expat hangout with a few run down bars. Doug explained that the bars were frequented by Americans, English and Aussies. Generally oil field or construction workers, more laid back than Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. A lot of fun could be had here but sometimes it resembled godâ??s waiting room in certain bars! At the end of Washington Square was the Dubliner an Irish style pub. Doug and Laph walked in sat near the window facing Sukhumvit road. A stunning Thai girl came up an asked for their order, Laph was awe struck, didnâ??t take long, Laphâ??s eyes glassed over. â??Sawadi Kar Knun Dougâ? said Moon. â??Sawadi Krup Moon, this is a pal of mine Knun Laphâ? Doug replied. â??Please to meet you Knun Laph, you come Bangkok first time?â? said Moon. â??Yes I arrived on Wednesdayâ? replied Laph. â??Wecome Knun Laph I hope you enjoyâ? said Moon. Laph was taken by Moon, she had a very pretty radiant face, with a charming nature. Laph surveyed the surrounds of the pub, it was the same as any pub in UK. There where mainly foreigners, it made him feel a little more at ease and thoughts of leaving started to fade. Especially after seeing Moon and the other girls, he felt safe that he wasnâ??t going to be attacked, this was just a normal pub. His nervousness subsided as he read the extensive menu.


Laph was tucking into beef and Guinness pie like it was going out of fashion. Doug had sausages and mash, but only just picked at it. Laph could see why Doug was so thin.

Laph finished off his lunch and washed the remains of his meal down with a Kilkenny. â??That was just great Dougâ? said Laph. As he drained the last of his pint â??I get another Laph as it looks like your coming goodâ? Doug said. â??I feel great Doug but it still doesnâ??t change my mind, I will make plans to return to Scotland on Monday.


A well dressed ginger haired Irishman came in and sat down at their table, without saying hello just talking flat out about this Thai bus driver that cut him off while he was driving. â??This Laph Mc Tavish Donâ? said Doug. â??Nice to meet ya Laphâ? said Don, not missing a beat and continuing to tell the bus driver story. You and your bitch with bus drivers, why donâ??t you just get a taxi?â? Doug said. â??Fuck taxis to they are just as badâ? said Don. Laph sized Don up, he was a well dressed person who looked like he didnâ??t take any shit and was switched on. Don looked at the menu and rattled off in fluent Thai his order. Don Penny had been in Thailand running his own business for 10 years now he was a successful architect and worked on some of the biggest buildings in Thailand.


â??So what are you doing here Laph, working?â? asked Don. â??Just on a break to do some fishing and hiking Donâ? Laph explained. Don burst out laughing, â??ya killing me Laphâ?Â. â??What do you do for a crustâ? asked Don. â??leaves his underpants on for weekâ? Laughed Doug. Don and Laph both looked at Doug not laughing, Doug cut his laughter short and drank his beer. â??Iâ??m a quantity surveyor Donâ? explained Laph. â??Really, thatâ??s interesting, as you would know Thailand is going mad with building, 1991 is going to bigâ? Laph didnâ??t know but nodded with professional air. I need a QS rather urgently, would you be interested in working here Laph?â? asked Don. â??I donâ??t know whether I could stay here its a little rough for me, I was thinking of leaving soonâ? said Laph. â??Where have you been taking him Doug?â? asked Don â??Just to the usual, Cowboy and the Plazaâ? said Doug. â??No wonder you want to leave Laph, thatâ??s a baptism of fire, I thought you would have been easy on him!â? â??I was just giving him the usual tourâ? said Doug looking a little hurt. Laph could see that Don and Doug were chalk and cheese. â??Well after here we will go to my office on Soi 33, I will show you a few projects Iâ??m working on, then for a drink in the areaâ?Â. â??The bars there will be much more to your liking Laphâ? explained Don.


They spent the afternoon at the Dubliner sipping on their Kilkennyâ??s and Guinnessâ??s, talking about business and Thailand in general. Laph was enjoying the afternoon, and was slowly changing his mind about things. Don was gradually talking Laph into staying and interviewing him at the same time. Don knew of the same people that Laph had worked for and would follow up with a phone call to check, but he had come to the conclusion that Laph was fairly straight and good at his job. Don was sick employing of losers who came to Thailand and reinvented themselves. Having to ring every morning to wake them up, thatâ??s if he could find them, lending money and advancing wages, he was sick of it. Laph might be the answer to his prayers.


Don led Laph and Doug down Soi 33 to his office. The soi was quite except for the traffic, most of the bars were not open, and few girls were buying food at the stalls along the street. Laph noticed that the street was a bit up market compared to where he had been, there were nice looking Italian and Thai restaurants and cocktail bars. They entered Dons office which was next to a bar called Goya, in fact most of the bars on the street were named after painters. Don explained to Laph about an up and coming project to build a Sheraton Hotel on Sukhumvit and all the problems involved. Laph made some suggestions that impressed Don. Poor Doug tried to keep up and add his five cents worth but didnâ??t have a clue, Doug had enough and was in need of a drink,â?? Iâ??ll meet you in Renoir, all this work talk is making me tiredâ? moaned Doug. â??Why donâ??t you employ Doug?â? asked Laph once Doug left. â??Well I think you can work that out for yourself, poor ole Doug is about as useful as an ashtray of a motor bike when it comes to QS workâ? said Don. â??Aye ya maybe right there Don, anyway give me the weekend to think about itâ? said Laph. â??Well if you say yes I give you 5 a month for a 6 month trial and renegotiate after thatâ? explained Don. â??Sounds ok, leave it with me for a bit please Donâ? said Laph.


They left Dons office for the Renoir just a couple of doors down. Don thought he would do a bit of work on Laph tonight to seal the decision. Entering the court yard of the Renoir , they were met by 2 stunning Thai ladies in evening dress who performed a graceful wai, â??Sawadi karâ? they both said in unison. Laph followed Don in, tripping over the step while staring at the girls. The Renoir was a up market cocktail lounge full of beautiful hostesses, all in evening dresses. Laph had only seen places like this in movies and was awe struck. Seated at the bar next to Doug, they were handed cold scented towels while their drink orders were taken. Large JW black label and sodas were delivered promptly. Don was saying his hellos to the entire bar staff as he had known them all his life. Laph was just trying to take it all in. One girl called Pie, served Laph his drink, noticed that he was in dreamland, pointed to Laphâ??s shirt front, â??Nee alaiâ?Â(what is this) asked Pie, with a cheeky grin on her face. Laph didnâ??t under stand the Thai but got the idea and reacted immediately, looked down thinking that the remains of his beef and Guinness pie were on his new shirt front. Pie quickly brought her finger up catching Laph under the nose, grinned, turned and walked down the bar swaying her hips in a movie style fashion. Laph went bright red and felt a little stupid but was please with the attention even though it was a joke. â??You gotta watch them Laph, theyâ??re cheeky buggersâ? laughed Don. â??That one especially, sheâ??s a bit of a prick teaser and plays hard to get, I donâ??t know anyone who has managed to ask her outâ?Â. â??Its different here, the girls are not really bar type girls as such, if they want to go out with you it will be only for a meal etcâ?Â. â??To get them in the pit you will have to do a fair bit of ground workâ? explained Don. â??Stuck up moles if you asked meâ? said Doug. â??A lot of expat's marry girls from here and other bars along the streetâ? said Don. â??Aye I donâ??t plan to marry, but a challenge always interests meâ? said Laph. Don introduced all the bar staff to Laph, there was Pie, Nak, Poe, Ae, and Moo the dishwasher, who was a large lady sitting washing glasses at the end of the bar.


They relaxed, knocking back drinks in the happy hour or more correctly happy hours. The place filled with expatâ??s and Thai business people. Laph was being introduced to many of Dons friends working in Bangkok and after numerous conversations he realised that it wasnâ??t such a bad place after all. â??I quite like this bar especially that lovely lass over thereâ? Laph said, indicating to Pie. With hearing like a fox Pie spun around and said â??So what do you like about me?â? in perfect English. â??Er well I was just sayingâ? stuttered Laph, again turning crimson. â??You donâ??t know me Laph I might have a black heartâ? said Pie grinning. â??Why donâ??t you come over this side of the bar and tell Laph all about Thailandâ? asked Don. â??Maybeâ? said Pie turning away and attending another customer. Laph continued on drinking with Don and Doug, hanging onto the slimmest hope that Pie might come and sit with him. After some time, Laph turned around and was startled to find Pie next to him. â??So what do you want to talk aboutâ? said Pie with piercing brown eyes that speared into Laphâ??s brain. â??Er well I donâ??t really knowâ? Laph said, racking his brain on what to start a conversation on. â??Well if you donâ??t know I donâ??t know said Pie staring Laph out without blinking and trying not to laugh. All other girls were watching Pie at work, she was a master at teasing. Laph though quickly â??where do you come from?â? asked Laph. â??Pak Janâ? (the moon) replied Pie still staring, now inches from his face with her hands behind her back. Laph now was on a 30 degree body angle about to fall off his bar stool. â??Iâ??m sure thatâ??s a lovely province of Thailandâ? said Laph. A few of the girls smothered their giggles. She had him on the back foot now it was time for the coup de gra. â??And you Knun Laph where do you come fromâ? said Pie seductively getting her face closer to Laphâ??s. Laph was now straining, stomach muscles trying to hang on the body now at about 45 degrees. â??Well er I come from Scotlandâ? squeaked Laph. â??Well how do you do Knun Laph from Scotlandâ? said Pie quickly putting her hand out inviting a hand shake. Laph reach out to shake her hand, but just as he was about to grab her hand, Pie pulled hers away and brushed back her hair. Laph tried to save grace by raising his hand but ending up falling over backwards off his stool. â??what bloody hell ya doing Laphâ? said Don laughing. â??Heâ??s a bit prone to this, Iâ??ll have to tell yaâ? said Doug. Laph slowly extracted himself from the floor. Pie pinched Laph on the ribs making him jump. â??I like you also Knun Laphâ? Pie said departing the scene couple of taking a â??low fivesâ? from the passing staff.


All of a sudden the lights went dim, its was either that or the whiskey has kicked in thought Laph. Happy hour was over and the prices all doubled. Don suggested that they all go to the Pong. â??Whereâ??s that?â? asked Laph. â??Pat Pong, one of the first entertainment areas in Bangkok, plus I need to eat. Thereâ??s a good French restaurant where we can get a reasonable red wineâ? explained Don. â??That sounds ok to meâ? replied Laph, who thought it was a good time to cut his losses and exit stage right in case Pie got to him again. Even though Pie had chopped him down to size, she excited Laph and he would have to return to regain some face. They left the Renoir with the girls escorting them outside, Soi 33 was alive with all the bars lit up and numerous pretty hostesses positioned outside to lure customers in.


They walk to the car park behind Renoir and proceeded to Patpong in Donâ??s car. Laph wasnâ??t too sure who was worse, the Isarn Taxi driver or Don! Don was driving through the traffic like Thai Native, but swearing at all bus drivers and his main aim was to beat all of them. This was an impossible task as there was a bus every 100 meters, all going in the same direction and appearing to on the same route with no schedule. There were stops but people got off when they pleased even if it was to hold up all of the traffic that had just gained momentum from the traffic lights. They entered into a small Soi in Patpong and parked in an upstairs car park near â??Bobbyâ??s Arms Pubâ?Â. â??Whatâ??s this place like?â? asked Laph. â??Not bad for an English noshâ? answered Doug. â??Thatâ??s if you like English foodâ? replied Don shooting Doug down a bit.


They exited the car park into Patpong 2 and walked through the outdoor bars and restaurants. Towards the end of the Soi they walked into the La Brushcutter French restaurant. A small but chic French eatery run by a non excitable chap called Mario. Laph though it to be a strange name for a French man. â??Bon Jour Missourâ? said Laph with a French Scottish accent. â??Er what do you say, you strange Scottish man?â? asked Mario looking into Laphs eyes for some glimmer of hope. â??I was just trying to practice my Frenchâ? explained Laph. â??Well my tubby scotch man please leave the French to the French and I promise I wont wear, er how say, er the Kiltâ? Mario said. Taking Laph by the arm he sat him down at the bar. â??Now my young fellow will you join me in chartreuse?â? asked Mario. â??Yes that would be nice Marioâ? Laph said trying to regain some ground but not having a clue what Chartreuse was. â??Not for me Mario I have a red wine pleaseâ? said Don. â??Me to thanks said Doug. If Doug didnâ??t drink it, what was this stuff, Laph thought. A shot glass of Chartreuse was poured out, a light green volatile liquid. The girl serving reminded Laph of Lara Croft, Thai style. She giggled as she caught Laph looking at her. Laph was quite taken by her but did not get himself excited, as he told himself he was dreaming if he thought he could have a girlfriend like this. â??Saluteâ? said Mario knocking back the shot in one hit. Laph followed suit and downed the shot. It took about 5 seconds for the fire water to kick in, but when it did it came with a vengeance. Laph thought he had been poisoned. He couldâ??nt breath and when he tried to get a breath all he managed to get was fumes. His mouth was on fire and his eyes were watering. Laph tried not to cough but he snorted instead, scarring Som, the Lara Croft look alike. She backed up and readied the bar towel in case he erupted as he was now looking the same colour as lava! Som handed Laph a glass of water, still giggling hiding her mouth with her hand. There was something about this Farang that tickled her, she wanted to talk with him but was too shy.


Laph, Doug and Don enjoyed a memorable meal ordered by Mario. Laph demolishing a plate of frog legs in seconds. â??The frog legs are to you liking Mr. Laph no?â? asked Mario while he was preparing steak tarter at the table. â??Frog legs? I though it was chicken wingsâ? exclaimed Laph. â??Sacre Bleuâ? Mario said striking his forehead and walking back to the kitchen. After polishing off a bottle of wine and a few scotches they paid the bill and walked to Patpong one.


Laph trotted along behind getting stopped by all the sex show touts. Don pushed Laph in front .â? Come on lad we will never get where we goingâ? said Don. There were many Go Go bars, Laph checking all the girls as they passed, dancing on the poles. Don led Laph into the Zebra bar. They were directed to the back of the bar by a beautiful hostess. Rock and roll music seem to be the order of the day and Laph was in his element as he loved all the old rock and roll. As they settled down with their drinks, checking out the two girls dancing in fluorescent bikiniâ??s. A beautiful dark girl greeted Don . â??This is the Amazon Women Laphâ? Don introducing the girl. The dark girl said nothing just moved over to Laph and wedged herself between his legs and ruffled his hair. Laph was a little dumbfounded with his hair now resembling a punk rocker. Amazon was different that the other Thai girls she appeared to have some farang blood, maybe African American, thought Laph. No matter what she was, Laph had a hard on that a dog couldnâ??t chew!


â??Would like a drinkâ? asked Laph. Amazon just smiled and checked Laphâ??s bill cup number and slinked off to the bar, exaggerating swaying her hipâ??s. Laph could take his eyes of the beautiful long dark legs and bum cheeks protruding from her shorts. It reminded Laph of a couple of hamsters having a fight in a bag! â??Now ya getting the idea Mc Tavishâ? said Doug. They stayed until closing at 2 am, listening to some great music and knocking back JW black sodas. â??Well Mc Tavish you going take away or eat hereâ? asked Doug as he broke up Laph and the Amazon woman in a lip lock. â??Do ya think she would come with me?â? asked Laph. â??No she just a very affectionate waitressâ? said Don sarcastically with a grin on his face. â??Of cause you can ya pillick, just pay the bar and weâ??re offâ? said Doug. The bar was paid and the Amazon woman left to get changed. â??Aye ya gunna have ya hands full thereâ? Don Laughed. â??Have you taken her home?â? asked Laph, hoping not. â??no no neverâ? replied Don and Doug together , trying to conceal their lie. The Amazon returned dressed in skin tight jeans with a white stretched top with a bare mid drift. â??fecking hell thatâ??s hotâ? said Doug. Laph just nodded mouth open. They staggered out into the street Laph and the Amazon arm in arm. The soi was amass with workers. Clanging of poles and the revving of forklifts filled the Soi as they dismantled all the street stalls. Don excused him self and reminded Laph that he would need an answer on Monday about the job. Doug, Laph and Amazon walked across Silom road to the noodle vendors on Soi Convent. â??Weâ??ll get snack before going homeâ? said Doug. They sat down on small plastic stools around a rickety table, the Amazon woman ordered. In no time 3 bowls of hot noodle soup was delivered. Amazon doctored hers and Laphâ??s with sugar, fish sauce, chilli and Basil leaves. Laph was trying to capture the slippery noodles with the chop sticks and just managed to get a little in the mouth but the most ended up in his lap. Amazon changed his chopsticks for a fork and spoon. He had a little more success but not much, Amazon proceeded to feed him. He felt like a little boy sitting on this small stool getting fed. They paid the bill, a totally of 120 baht, Laph wondered how they actually could make any money. In the taxi on the way home Laph tried to strike up a conversation but Amazon just smiled and ruffled his hair. â??She doesnâ??t speak any English and a girl of few wordsâ? explained Doug. An ideal woman thought Laph.


Once back at Dougâ??s apartment, Amazon headed straight for the shower. â??Iâ??ll see ya in the morning Mc Tavish if ya still aliveâ? Doug said as he staggered off to bed. Laph was getting a little concerned, what could this dark sultry Amazon do to him? As Amazon left the bathroom with only a towel, Laph nervously opened the door to the spare bedroom for her. Laph showered and return to find a beautiful dark body laying seductively on white sheets, with her hair spread in a fan over the pillow, such a contrast Laph thought. He switched off the light and quickly hopped into bed. The Amazon woman sprung like a cat and leaped on top of him, before Laph could react, she had a hand full of hair and ears. Laph was trying to let out a squeal but nothing would come out. She bit him hard on the neck, this time Laph let out a loud â??Fuck!â?Â. She tightened her grip and proceeded to bit him all the way down to his naval. Laph did not know whether to cut his losses and run or try and ride it out. Amazon reached down and grabbed his plonker like she was going to twist it off. â??Aye will slow down a wee bit lassâ? Laph squeaked with absolute fear in his eyes. She mounted him in the swatting position with her frizzy hair dishevelled covering her face, while nails claw gripped his male breasts. Laph would have normally blown his bolt by now but the fear had put a temporary halt on his plumbing. She pumped up and down on him vigorously like an epileptic rabbit, while swinging her head side to side whipping his face with her hair. Sweat was trickling down her cleavage as her breasts swayed to and fro. Laph was wondering whether his old fellow would wear out before he came. She reached behind her self and grabbed a hand full of his goolies, this was the trigger and Laph unleashed. He was about to scream out in ecstasy but she clamped down on his mouth with hers cutting him off, all that was heard was a muffled whimper.


Laph collapsed spread eagled on the bed trying to get his breath, he had survived. Amazon had left for the toilet and Laph drifted off into the sleep of the dead.


Laph may have been converted, the drug had taken hold, if he doesnâ??t leave now he will never leave Thailand.


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Hi Zob,


You may be right with the correct use of the words 'don chow' and 'don sai', but 'don san' has a total different meaning all together, which probably wouldn't apply to Khun Laph anyway.


Your "don" is actually pronounced more like 'thon' and the one I used is more like 'don'.......


Classic case of being lost in translation.


Anyway, keep up the good work, love your stories!

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