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In Love Again.....


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Buddha, thanks for making me throw up in my mouth a little bit, virtually every time that I read a thread started by you.


Let's see....just in the past few weeks, you have started a thread on how to bareback....how to fuck katoeys.....and how to marry a mentally fragile bargirl who also just happens to be "hi-so" and your means to a' Thai passport. Those are just the threads that leap immediately to mind. I am sure that there were other, equally stupid threads.


What is next? How to contract HIV, and how to share it with thousands of other clueless sexpats?


I said it once, and I will say it again: Buddha, you are a complete jackass.



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hahah DC


i am not into the Bareback Mountain novelty of Buddhas. But thanx for your concern. Since there are so many Katoeys and I am so freaking hot ;) I usually take 2 Immodium and close my rear end with silicon paste. It falls off when the presure from inside gets big enough but you cant scratch it from the outside.


Damn that was disgusting but it is the fiction forum and I just had a vision and will now go see my shrink and ask him why I get visions like that!

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