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LCD Vs. Plasma

Old Hippie

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I have a chart from Extreme Tech magazine that shows the pros/cons of many diffrent TV technologies, inc LCD and Plasma. It's a GIF file and I guess I can e-mail it to you if you would like.


LCDs can have a higher resolution and are lighter than Plasmas, so I prefer LCD.


Please see my previous post.. maybe the URL's listed have the Gif file:




The reason I'm not checking the URLs is because the Internet connection to outside of Thailand is slow and intermittent.

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I just bought a 46" Sony LCD HDTV.




uses less energy


zero reflections on the screen, whereas the plasma had annoying reflections, like if the curtains were open, get a reflection of the window/people walking by, etc.


if you are putting the TV in a dark, no reflection type room, then the plasma will be a little cheaper and provide a good picture.


I would expect the LCD to last longer, IMO, lower heat, uses less energy (less things to burn out).

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Another thing you need to be aware of is that i you are in the vecinity of wide use of flurescent lighting, LCD have a tendancy to lose their clarity due to the the fluros whereas plasmas being gas are uneffected.

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Does anyone know what to look out for? Specific features of LCD TVs.


I might be buying one soon (depends a lot on the outcome of a certain issue at work), but I am not at all up to date with regards to features.




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I would never ever go for an LCD

LCD definately has the sharper picture in SD (standard definition) but if you like sports, football in particular or have really fast moving objects on the screen the object (i.E. a football) is leaving a shaddow. Besides that the plasma screens available are bigger.


My conclusion is that LCD rocks when you have a small screen and you are sitting close to it.


Plasma dominates in all terms when you are 3 meters away and especially when you watch a movie in High Definition. I have a 50" Pioneer display and an HDTV receiver from Humax. My digital life couldn't be more luxuirous! Actually I would wait 2 month when there is a wider selection of Full HD screens, because that is going to be the future of television for the next 6 to 8 years

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