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How in the hell do you eat RAT?


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For most restaurants, rats are bad news. But in the Cambodian province of Battambang, the arrival of this seasonal rodent delicacy signals big business.


Battambang, 300 km northwest of Phnom Penh, is the rice bowl of the nation. And with rice comes rats - grain-fattened paddy rats that connoisseurs say are delicious barbecued, boiled or roasted in a heady mixture of lemongrass, turmeric and garlic.


'The last rice has just been harvested, so the rats are ready. They are coming onto the market now, and the next three months while they are in season are very good business for us,' says restaurateur Chhrut Hen, 24.






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Had rat at a Thai friends house in Ayuthaya once,prepared stirfried with lots of chilies couldn't taste much flavor of the meat very bony not much meat, overpowered by the Chile's.Seemed like more of a Appetizer to be eaten with friends while drinking Thai Whiskey

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