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How in the hell do you eat RAT?


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Its not so bad really.I couldn't really taste the meat small and bony taste overpowered by chiles,and according to Thai tradition to be downed with lots of Thai whiskey.Well thats what my host said.Between the two i think the Thai whiskey was the worst!

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Used to be an old guy at the main entrance to Lumpini Park with a fresh snake blood stall. He was only there very early, like 0500-0800 or so. You pick your snake, he sliced it open, and drained the blood into a glass. Hmmm.hmmm.hmmmm. Breakfast of champions, just like Mom used to make LOL!


:dunno: if he is still around. But there are also shops in Chinatown that have the same thing.






Sounds good but I personally prefer the blood of a newborn child. :smirk:

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Agree and quite tasty as well....before you know what you are eating, that is !!! LOL..



Definitely only "Farmer rice...Rats" though...none of the City Cousins.



Forget the fancy recepies, just let "The boys" cook it on the Charcoal home made BBQ...



My experience was actually on my wedding day at about 8.30 in the morning (quite a few years ago now)...cy country...approx. 12 kms from "Ban Cent"


Things were starting to fire up...the relos were well and truely into the 40 degrees....a bit like let's party dudes...the fat farang's paying...


I had already partaken of "my turn" for the tin mug, a couple of times...just to show what we farangs were made of...555 but had just switched back to my "hidden" botten of Johnny Dum (soda)



One of the relo's passed me a plate, which appeared to contain home made BBQ chicken..... (yeah right, that far can Lao Kao does strange things to your eyes...lol..)


Beautifully presented, it was, all layed out on a bed of banana leaf...



In hindsight, I should have known something was adrift, cos half of the village was watching me.



Took a piece, scoffed it....Hmmmm, not bad...



Then they came back....Khun Dumsoda aroi dee....more for you...sap Ille...take..



NOTE TO SELF...defining moments in Life.



It was right then, that my life changed !!! I looked at the plate as I prepared to take another piece.....and there it was !!!!



Attached to a prime piece of "Chicken" that caught my eye....was a fucking TAIL.....WTF....



Far can hell...where's my botten....Lau Lau...figured if I was gunna die of the bubonic plague, I might as well be pissed....55555



Would I do it again....now after many years, I'd say Yes... guess it's not the worst (or most risky) thing I've eaten over the years...



Cheers DS

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