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Update to the coming Apocalypse

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I was pleased to read in a book about America, with the writer saying something similar, "Run for local office, do it, you'll be surrised because you may just win"

I just stumbled over this one while wandering through old threads.


True story: In 2008, my brother put me up to running for Congress on the Libertarian ticket. They needed SOMEONE to run in that district, so they wouldn't have to requalify for ballot access. I figured it might be fun, and an opportunity to say some things that needed saying.


So I did.


A week after I filed, the Democrat challenger to the incumbent Republican missed the filing deadline, making it a two-man race.


I made it to exactly one "meet the candidates" thing, I managed to get a small website up, I did a couple of telephone interviews and a couple of talk radio dialin shows, and I answered a fair number of emails from voters. (I got back several replies saying "You've got my vote." Nice feeling.)


When it came down, the incumbent won, handily. BUT. I took just under 12% of the vote. Some 25,000 people who I'd never met thought I was a better choice than the incumbent.


I spent less than $1000, total, on the campaign. The incumbent burned through something over $200,000.


Next time around, there were five (5) names on the ballot for that district: the incumbent, a Democrat, and THREE third-party guys. My brother says I changed history.


Me, I'm still amazed, and part of me wonders what might have happened if I'd taken donations, spent serious money, and campaigned my ass off.

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As long as the Thais are friendly about what they are doing and not aggressive or rude about it then I would not worry a whole lot. This could be just a passing phase. If attitudes on their part turn south then I would be concerned. I am sure our Thai ladies will pick up on if something is amiss and we need to be vigilant.


Oddly enough, as retarded as the Philippines can be, I don't ever recall them doing anything like this.

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