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What do you think of new apple IPHONE?


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No, the iPhone follows the same standards as current mobiles...open up the back, take out the battery....why would they do that differently? The iPod is a sealed unit and a different product.


SD, has it occured to as to why people are Apple zealots? Their products are simply better...really i've used so many electronic devices in my life...i've had countless PCs...i like Apple as they are better, simple as that...OSX is a dream to use...i haven't restarted my ibook in 10 months! It's online 24/7...

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Yup, and a fax is nothing but a wafleiron with a phone attached... :chili:


Its not that Apples products can do something that other products cant do. Its in the way they do it.


Sure, any MP3 player plays tadaah... MP3s. The Ipod just does it better. The feel of it is just so damn nice and the way it works with ITunes is fantastic. Next gen. will have touchscreens like the Iphone.


And dont get me started on PCs vs. Macs. There is simply no contest. I got a somewhat new PC at home and a Mac at work. I would compare my PC with XP with a used twitchy car with shitty millage and my Mac with OSX with an asskicking Porche. Sure my used car will get me from point A to point B but given half a choice i would take the Porche.


Anybody who seriously tried both would.


I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy another PC in my life.


The Iphone will rule.



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I think Apple users aren't objective, because many only everr used apple stuff. Yes they make great computers but the ipod isnt near the best mp3. Its just the best marketed, and its got image.


I ve done some research into this because I nearly bought an ipod, but changed my mind. My bro, and bro inlaw have them and both have broke just out of warranty, beyond repair.


I also saw the professional sound test with all the equipment and ipod came out as the least responsive and flatest sound, the new san disk,creative are better sound wise. The iaudio eats them all and has excellent video and sound tweakers, and is high quality. Less mass produced, and nice design. check the customer reviews for lots who were former ipod users.


As you can see the reviews for ipod dont say too much positive.

the computers great, i admit that but there are better options than the ipod.


here are the frist 7 reviews from people who bought the ipod. I didnt handpick them, just the first 7 I read:


Wonderful when it works- heartbreakingly often, it doesn't, 24 Dec 2006Reviewer: Bookworm (London, UK) - See all my reviews


I love my ipod. However, when it broke down for the umpteenth time, the regent street apple "genius" told me (now!) that since it has a hard disk drive, i.e. moving parts, carrying it around makes it likely to dislodge the disc needing it to be replaced (which, by the way, costs almost as much as an ipod) Apparently, if you're intending to use it as a portable player, you're better off with a nano or shuffle but if you get a regular ipod, carrying it can have similar consequences to dropping it- not exactly what one would like to hear of a mp3 personal player. I'm trying to enjoy my shuffle, but it doesn't quite have the allure of my (dead) ipod!


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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Don't buy ipods, 12 Dec 2006Reviewer: L. Smith "lollypopwow" (UK) - See all my reviews



I bought this 20GB ipod (not photo) and it broke down within a month. I got a replacement 40GB photo and that lasted one day. Don't use it with a speaker system, it makes it last even less. Granted, the ipods I bought were refurbished by ipod, but just the fact that there are so many refurbished ipods being sold by (unnamed, they'll thank their lucky stars) electronic retailer third parties, says everything. I was lucky to get a refund from the third party, after going back three times, to get it fixed, get a replacement, and finally I refused to accept anything but a refund or I would be going to trading standards. Honestly, just get a cheap 1GB one, NOT by ipod. They really should be ashamed, doing so many people out of their money. I wouldn't buy an ipod in 10 years time let alone now.


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Disappointing - perfect when working!, 5 Nov 2006Reviewer: D. R. Spiller "TheTourist" - See all my reviews



I have hd an iPod for quite a long time and Im very vey happy, when it works. The features, and ease of use, the way it works with iTunes - everything about the iPod, from my experience - is perfect. But the iPod is probably the least consistent appliance ever!!

So far I have perhaps 3 replacements, luckily the nearest Apple shop to me has been very nice - I got a replacement when I dented my first iPod and other things, and even out of warrenty they have replaced my iPod but it just gets to a point where you dont want something which you have to go to extreme lengths to replace every few months!!

Very good when working but buy something else because its not reliable!!


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Still going strong..., 4 Oct 2006Reviewer: Philip Hale "_phil_" (England) - See all my reviews



I believe this ipod beats the 30gb video by far. for starters, the video iPod just looks plain wrong. its too wide, making it a little to large to fit in your pocket coomfprtably. Also, the sharper corners are not as nice to hold.


I await the day when the nano is bumped up to 25 - 30 gigs and the video is replaced by a full screen video ipod. then, they would have finally created a successor to the 4G ipod. as for battery, mines over a year and a half long and i still get a good ten hours out of it. also, i havnt been clumsy enough to drop mine so no scrathes either.


Easily the best MP3 player ever created. Ever. Period. oh except for the new nanos, lol!




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5 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

Battery too bad to use, 21 Feb 2006Reviewer: Mr. Ar French "A Victor Meldrew." (UK) - See all my reviews



On my ipod the battery was so bad that if you played 3 songs (if your lucky) one bar would go down. So you only get at least an album on EQ with backlight. You will need the backlight because the screen is so dark. The back gets finger prints on it so bad that you cant touch the back so you have to hold the sides which gets highly annoying. Before you think about getting creative mp3 players they are even worse because the headphone jack broke on my zen micro after 3 days of using it. If you want my advice buy a toshiba gigabeat from tesco. You cant get them from amazon anymore. Dont know why. If you listen to your ipod for 50 mins a day get the ipod or get something else like sony or toshiba gigabeat.


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I wish it was better than it was, 13 Jan 2006Reviewer: "londonlass160" - See all my reviews


I love the reviews on this site. I use them regularly to decide on buying things. So if you are dithering over whether to go with Ipod or whether to get another contender, then I hope this will help you make up your mind about whether to get one or not.

If you are thinking about getting an MP3 player then you must already be aware of the benefits of having your own music library with you at all times, so I won't labour that point.

Therefore, in short:

It looks great and sounds great and 20GB is plenty. I ended up going with the ipod after looking at hundreds of others because I had itunes, liked itunes, found it easy to use and wanted to keep getting my new music off there.


The battery life is shit, unpredictable and annoying. It would run out on a 4 hour train journey, continuous listening.

It regularly won't turn on, or off or register any sound or life at all.

The headphones died pretty soon and the connection port thingy is ropey.

It often refuses to play songs bought directly from Itunes.

Setting it up on your computer is difficult and stressful, very overly comnplicated, and takes ages.


To summise: if you have Itunes this is probably worth it and when it works, which is at least half the time, it's a wonderful bit of kit. It is easy to use, and smart and funky etc - but, in my humble opinion, it has been developed too fast and is too clever for its own good. It can't support its technology hence why it randomly fails, shuts off, won't turn on, has a tantrum, refuses to do anything and freezes. If you have itunes and like using it then get an ipod - it's worth it. Otherwise look into others. There is so much potential out there.


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See all 139 customer rev

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Many of the critics are missing an important aspect of the new iphone. The touch pad operation and the video aspects are what I consider the cool factor. I won't buy one since my needs are met through my Nokia 3120. When Apple intoduces the phone in Asia 08, it most certainly will have 3g. The product is being introduced first in the US then other markets to follow (Marketing 101).


As far as ipods go, I am tempted to buy a shuffle for long plane rides but that's it. I like the new San Disk player best.


Btw, I use Macs and pc's at home and work and I prefer the Mac.

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Mekong, really, you obviously haven't read up on its specs...


As regards iPods...i have several, as do most of my friends, never had a problem, travelled around the world with them..flawless and faultless...


Apple sold 21 million of them last quarter...there's bound to be a few 'bad apples' in amongst them...i've bought Sony, Samsung, HP, etc etc products, some have had their faults...some haven't.

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I would compare my PC with XP with a used twitchy car with shitty millage and my Mac with OSX with an asskicking Porche.


Oops, major faux pas! Anybody who takes cars seriously doesn't want to be seen dead in a Porsche. After all it is nothing but a glorified Volkswagen Beetle! :grin:

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Can't remember which names where giving resistance to a new product that they dont know I simply agree with Zombie in all points


One thing about the silly iPod quality reviews!

1) The battery Problem was with G3 now it is G6

2) The sound quality via analoge ouptut is measurable worse not hearbale for the human ear, except you have and absolute high end system with 40,000 USD speakers. A person like that doesnt play mp3 files, that is for sure

The new receivers do all support the iPod dock signal and decode the mp3 files ON THE FLY on the receiever, that means the file is digital without a loss, just binaries. No other mp3 player can do that and therefore the iPod will deliver the best sound possible! period!

3) the reviewer who claimed that 2 iPods died on him must be and Escimo living in the ice or a total fucking moron. First of all, pugging your ipod to speakers doesnt change the behavior of the machine, the one who claims that has simply not clue how the analogue output of the machine works. When ge ot 2 dvices dying on him in just 3 weeks he is obviously doing something wrong. I have 4 iPods an nothing to complain about!


The iPod is the pioneer and everyone else tries to get a share of the market. There are decent players but not a single one has the style and the image of the iPod and depending on the heaphones you are using they have all the same quality anyways!


There are always people who are against mainstream products, the iPod is one of the few products who went to the top for a reason. It is pricey and that is what pisses the most people off, in terms of funcitonality and quality the iPod is just as good as any other device and in many ways better!


Nothing to discuss about PC and Mac

one who claims a PC is better must be delivered to a mental hospital immediately!


The iPhone combines so many features which are not new except of one, but they have never been combined in one device! Downloading music with my iTunes account is amazing, having finally a decent webrowser makes it possible to pos on this board with my phone etc...


Read the specs frist and condemn it later, in 3 year everyone has one anyways or a copy from his favorite brand!


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