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The piracy issue...


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As the son of an author, I am aware of the importance of copyright protection. People spend a lot time / invest a lot of money in producing goods. They deserve reward.

However...in the case of Thailand and third world countries, I really think it's not needed. Either that, or prices should be in accordance with local wages.

A Thai nurse gets about 8 000 baht maximum per month. A secretary at a University gets about 5000 baht. A brand new DVD costs up to 800 - 1000 baht if it's imported. A new CD costs about 500 baht. Etc etc etc...

The maths are pretty simply. A nurse does 40 hours work for 2000 baht. A DVD + 2 CD's is not nearly worth one giving up 40 hours of labour. Simply put, Thai's can't afford the 'real' thing.

Now, I know we farang also spend a load on pirated things...but it's not something that cripples the industries involved...and if your living in Thailand and teaching etc, you can't really afford 2000 baht for MS Windows either.

I'd of thought Thailand had a lot more pressing social issues to deal with before that of piracy.

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Have you ever used software you didn't buy?

Have you ever downloaded MP3?

Have you ever copied music or software?

.... I could go on and on ...

Aloha is a Hawaiian word, so I assume you're American. Why can Americans come into Thailand without a visa but Thais can't go to America likewise? This argument can be turned back on you as regards Thai "double standards" towards rich western foreigners.

I'm not interested in arguing as much as I'd like to just point out that this is the nature of reality. Few would expect the US Embassy to give Thais visas, and few expect the crackdown to significantly reduce piracy.

One thing is for sure: How many Thais would call someone else an "asshole"? Don't do anything stupid with your temper, and address the root of your temper.



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I get the idea that the website selling software is yours. I'm not really sure why I get that feeling but it may have something to do with the fact that you are advertising the site in your sigfile...

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